World IP Day 2005 - A Message from Director General Kamil Idris

World Intellectual Property Day is an occasion to reflect on how human creativity and innovation help provide a better world for everyone.

Our message this year, Think, Imagine, Create, is directed particularly towards young people.

Mankind's capacity to create and to innovate is limitless. It is a fundamental, human resource with endless potential. Nowhere is this more apparent than in young people. No matter what country or community they are born into, the young share certain striking characteristics: Their curiosity about whatever is new, different, or novel. Their unfettered imagination. Their readiness to play and experiment -- with everyday objects, with ideas, with technology. Their talent for finding unconventional solutions.

Our goal for World Intellectual Property Day and beyond should be to encourage young people everywhere to recognize the creator, the problem-solver, the artist within themselves. For innovation and creativity are the natural resources on which future prosperity depends. From the classrooms of today will come the entrepreneurs, the scientists, the designers, the artists of tomorrow.

WIPO is committed to promoting a culture in which young people can realize this potential. Through well-balanced IP systems and structures, WIPO seeks to help creators across the globe generate economic value from their creations, and so to contribute to the social, cultural and economic advancement of their own societies and of the wider world.

Think, imagine, create. These are words to inspire young people to follow their dreams to the fullest.