World IP Day 2005 - Activity Reports

WIPO will open an exhibit on "Intellectual Property and Sports" on April 26 in the WIPO Information Centre at WIPO headquarters in Geneva.

The following is a selection of events planned by various countries, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations in observance of World Intellectual Property Day:



The Albanian Patent Office observed World Intellectual Property Day as follows:

  • the message of the Director General of WIPO, translated into Albanian, was published in two national newspapers to explain the significance of the Day;
  • the 30-second television spot on the Day was broadcast in the Albanian language on the two most popular channels;
  • a television program was broadcast to inform the public about the Day and about the activities of the Albanian Patent Office;
  • information on these activities was put on the website:


The National Copyright Office (ONDA in French) has communicated the following program for the celebration of the Day in Algeria:

  • a seminar on April 26 and 27, 2005, on the rights of artists working in the plastic and graphic arts, in collaboration with three Societies specializing in the collective management of rights in those branches of the arts - namely, ADAGP (France), BILD-KUNST (Germany) and PROLITERIS (Switzerland);
  • a postage stamp commemorating the Day;
  • teaching about the Day and about the importance of intellectual property in educational institutions;
  • “Open Days” to show the work of the Office national des droits d’auteur et droits voisins (ONDA) in the work of the collective management of copyright and related rights.

A press conference was held jointly by the Directors General of the Institut National Algérien de la Propriété Industrielle (INAPI) and the Office National des Droits d’Auteur (ONDA) in Algiers on April 25. Both spoke on developments in their respective fields of industrial property and copyright during the past year, including the consequences of the TRIPS Agreement, cooperation in enforcement of the law, and the protection of artistic works by industrial property legislation.


The Austrian Patent Office will celebrate the Day by holding a seminar on industrial property rights for small and medium-sized enterprises - thus increasing awareness of the importance of such rights - in which will feature the history and activities of WIPO. The message of the Director General of WIPO will also be posted on the website of the Patent Office.


The State Agency on Standardization, Metrology and Patents, and the State Agency for Copyright, together with the competent officials in Government, non-governmental organizations and science organizations, will mark the Day with the organization of the following activities:

  • conferences and seminars on the themes, “The Role of Intellectual Property in Economic Development and International Experience,” “The Role of Youth in the Protection of Expressions of Folklore,” “The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights,” and “The Role of Intellectual Property-Related Industry in the GDP of the Country”;
  • the presentation of certificates of registration to authors for their works;
  • the publication of articles in magazines and newspapers;
  • the participation of Government officials and scientists in special television programs.


The Ministry of Information planned the following program to celebrate the Day, with the aim of increasing awareness of the importance of intellectual property amongst the general public and in the private sector:

  • a national conference on April 9 and 10, organized by the Directorate of Publications and Press in collaboration with the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and with WIPO;
  • a training workshop organized by the Directorate of Publications and Press on April 18 and 19, together with a campaign to promote awareness of all aspects of intellectual property;
  • distribution of posters to both public and private institutions on April 23, with guidelines on the celebration of the Day;
  • distribution to children, on April 25, of comic booklets explaining copyright and its efficient administration;
  • a workshop on April 26 on the legal aspects of intellectual property, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice.
  • an appropriate speech by the Minister of Information on the Day.


The Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, working within the Ministry of Industries, has drawn up the following program to celebrate the Day, in collaboration with the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Internet Service Providers’ Association of Bangladesh, and the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services:

  • a seminar will be held to highlight the role of intellectual property as a power tool for economic development and wealth creation;
  • supplements will be published in one English and one Bengali national daily newspaper;
  • a souvenir will be published for the occasion;
  • numerous banners drawing attention to the role of intellectual property will be displayed in prominent places in Dhaka;
  • a discussion will be broadcast on national television featuring persons involved in intellectual property.


The Belize Intellectual Property Office (BELIPO) will celebrate the Day with the following activities:

  • the broadcast and webcast of a television advertisement, “Creative Belize,” in the month of April;
  • creation of a page with information on the Day on the site;
  • a seminar on recent legislative changes to be hosted by BELIPO on April 26, including a demonstration of the QUICKPAT patent e-filing system;
  • publication of an article entitled “What is Intellectual Property?” in the most popular newspaper in Belize.


The Intellectual Property Division of the Government of Bhutan will celebrate the Day by organizing a song and dance competition on April 25 and 26.

Brunei Darussalam

The University of Brunei Darussalam, in collaboration with the Attorney General’s Chambers, will be holding a Seminar on Intellectual Property from April 25 to 28, 2005. The Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office is expected to officiate on April 25. Some 150 participants - teachers, inventors, writers, designers, librarians, students, entrepreneurs and government officials - are expected to to attend. There will also be an exhibition displaying the University’s library services and information on intellectual property.

Speakers in the seminar will be covering subjects such as research and development activities in the University, the basics of intellectual property, the TRIPS Agreement, copyright and related rights, libraries and copyright, intellectual property in business, the experiences of local companies, and the enforcement and infringement of intellectual property rights, in both criminal and civil cases.


The Bulgarian Patent Office will celebrate the Day as follows:

  • a seminar on April 25 and 26, 2005, in collaboration with the European Patent Office and the Bulgarian Alliance for Industrial Property in Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology, on the theme, “ Patent Establishment and Enforcement of Exclusive Rights”: this will cover subjects such as European and Bulgarian legislation, the practicalities of taking out patents, as well as infringements, all in the three fields of particular concern to the Alliance;
  • an Open Day for the public at the Bulgarian Patent Office on April 26;
  • an annual ceremony in which the names of the best inventors and their inventions in 2004 will be written in the Golden Book of Bulgarian Inventions, followed by a cocktail.

Burkina Faso

The Direction Nationale de la Propriété Industrielle (National Directorate of Industrial Property) organized the publication of a double-page spread in the national daily newspaper, “ Sidwaya,” on April 26, 2005, to celebrate the Day. The message of the Director General of WIPO was printed, along with general information on intellectual property, including institutions and legal instruments in the field, on the situation in Europe and in Africa, on the work and objectives of WIPO, and on practical considerations for those seeking to obtain protection.

Burkina Faso - Association pour la Promotion des Inventions et Innovations Technologiques au Burkina Faso (APIT - BF)

The Association organized the following activities to celebrate the Day:

  • radio broadcasts of games centred on knowledge about WIPO, on April 23;
  • televised debates with the participation of legal experts, specialists in intellectual property, inventors, researchers and high-level officials of the national industrial property and copyright offices, on April 25;
  • a press conference with the participation of intellectual property specialists, legal experts, inventors and officials of the national industrial property and copyright offices, on the theme of innovation and development in developing countries, specifically, the role of the press in promoting innovation in Burkina Faso, on April 26;
  • the screening of a documentary on television channels, with the collaboration of the national industrial property and copyright offices, on April 27.

Cameroon - Association for the Promotion of Intellectual Property in Africa

The Association has planned the following program of activities to celebrate the Day:

  • a special radio program on April 21;
  • television spots for publicizing the Day;
  • a Conference on April 23, in which four themes will be debated, covering the nature of an author’s remuneration, whether the struggle for survival impedes creativity in Africa, whether seizure is effective against counterfeiting and whether it is wrong to commercialize a competitive product which is not protected. The event will end with a cocktail party.


The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) promoted the Day by disseminating information on intellectual property throughout Canada, particularly for young people. Various outreach initiatives were made available, such as publications, an IP toolkit, a news update service, and a bank of speakers. Information kits were produced and distributed to members of Parliament, senators and to the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) for promotional purposes. CIPO also hosted an event featuring the Founder and President of Young Inventors International and the Executive Director of IPIC.

Côte d’Ivoire

The Government of Côte d’Ivoire will celebrate the Day with the following activities:

  • an official declaration of the Government;
  • an official event;
  • an open day on the premises of a producer and distributor of phonograms, with the theme, “ Discovering the process of manufacturing phonograms”;
  • an open day at the Bureau Ivoirien du Droit d’auteur (BURIDA - the Ivorian Copyright Office) featuring “Days for the promotion of works protected by BURIDA.”


The State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) organized the following activities to celebrate the Day:

  • a press conference at which were present high-level Government officials and representatives of other institutions and organizations involved in intellectual property;
  • broadcasts of WIPO’s commemorative spot in the Croatian language on national television on April 24 and 25;
  • a broadcast on national television of an educational spot on the problem of piracy, prepared by the National Association for the Protection of Audiovisual Works, on April 26;
  • publication of a comic strip on a problem of software piracy, prepared by the Business Software Alliance, and its presentation to the media;
  • presentation at the conference of a Draft of the National Strategy for the Development of the Intellectual Property System of the Republic of Croatia, prior to submission to the Government, by the Director General of SIPO;
  • presentation of a reconstructed and improved SIPO website in both Croatian and English;
  • presentations by the Director General of SIPO on the forthcoming 110th anniversary of the first national patent law and on recent national legislation;
  • presentation of a new design of the SIPO visual identity;
  • distribution of the message of WIPO’s Director General in Croatian and English, along with other intellectual property information, to media representatives at the press conference;

At the local level, in the town of Cakovec, a local inventors’ association, INOMA, organized a celebration program based on issues concerning the functioning of information technology and on the promotion of inventiveness and competitiveness among young people, in which representatives of local administration, of associations concerned and of SIPO participated.


The Cuban Industrial Property Office celebrated the Day by opening the Second Industrial Property Congress, which takes place in Havana from April 26 to 29, 2005.

Czech Republic

The Industrial Property Office is planning to celebrate the Day in the following ways:

  • the organization of a seminar in collaboration with the Association of Arbitrators and Mediators in the field of Intellectual Property, on the subject of legislation on industrial property rights in the Czech Republic and experiences with EU legislation;
  • on the Day itself, the holding of an open day at the Industrial Property Office, for the public and for university students;
  • the dissemination of information on the Day and on the activities related to it on its website;
  • the organization of an exhibition of specialized publications in the entrance hall of the Industrial Property Office.


The Instituto Ecuatoriano de la Propiedad Intelectual (IEPI) plans to celebrate the Day in the following ways:

  • messages about the Day, to be published in the newspapers with the greatest circulation in the country;
  • use of WIPO’s publicity materials, including the 30-second televised spot, in the coming days, as a build-up to the celebration also of the IEPI’s anniversary on May 19;
  • a solemn commemorative meeting with the presence of high-level personalities.


To celebrate the Day, the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Cairo will be holding, on its premises, an opening ceremony for its Controlling and Monitoring Department. It will also reinforce communications between the Patent Office and industrial enterprises by means of a focal point for electronic exchanges.


The Tallinn University of Technology, in collaboration with the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, the Embassy of Sweden in Estonia and the Estonian Academy of Arts, will be holding seminars on industrial design - which will include discussion on intellectual property rights - on May 4 and October 5, 2005. WIPO posters produced for the Day will be displayed during the seminars and also at other times at the University.

The Estonian Patent Office will be publishing a special poster and leaflet to publicize the Day. The Office will also be collaborating with the EPO to organize a seminar for owners of small enterprises, inventors, aspiring entrepreneurs, students and others who are interested. The program of the seminar includes explanation of the nature of patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks and geographical indications, and also how to protect them. Attendance will be free of charge, and participants will receive an information package.


The Day will be celebrated on April 26 by the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office (EIPO) in the following ways:

  • a National Workshop on intellectual property for universities and research institutes on the theme, "The Need for Institutional Intellectual Property Policy in Ethiopia," attended by over 70 participants, including scientists and other professionals in the field;
  • the distribution of brochures explaining EIPO's activities, and of the WIPO publication for the young, entitled, "Your Own World of IP," to the participants;
  • a reading of the message of the Director General of WIPO to the participants;
  • the broadcast of a WIPO television spot on Ethiopian Television.

Further activities will take place on April 27:

  • EIPO, in collaboration with the Audiovisual Producers’ Association and the Ethiopian Music Association, will organize a forum on the theme of creating a common outlook and developing a position on achievements and challenges in ensuring the effective protection of copyright and related rights in Ethiopia. In the framework of the discussions, presentations will be made on fighting piracy, on the protection available under the new copyright and related rights proclamation of July 2004, and the role of collective management societies in the light of Ethiopian needs and the experiences of other countries.
  • About 100 participants are expected, including government officials, rights holders and members of appropriate societies. The forum will be covered by the mass media.

European Patent Office

To celebrate the Day, the European Patent Office put on its website a special mention of the Day, and also information on the value of patent information and on cooperation activities with other countries.


The National Board of Patents and Registration has planned the following activities to celebrate the Day:

  • a press release circulated to all the national media;
  • information to the public by means of posters and flags of Finland, the United Nations and the European Union;
  • an event on the themes, “Honouring Inventors, Making Innovations Profitable, and Raising Competitiveness,” jointly organized by the Support Association for Finnish Inventors, the Foundation for Finnish Inventions and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, at which the speakers will be high-level national experts, who will address such subjects as the promotion of research and product development, the funding and commercialization of inventions, the Innofinland project and a creative environment in the school system;
  • the above-mentioned event will also be the occasion for the award of the first “Konsta” prizes for innovation.

France - Bouygues Telecom

For the second consecutive year, Bouygues Telecom is organizing for its staff an exhibition on the Day, and will be using WIPO posters and other WIPO materials.

France - Transtech Aquitaine

Transtech Aquitaine will be celebrating the Day by the following events:

  • an exhibition in Bordeaux in the commercial centre, Mérignac Soleil, showing a model of the catamaran, “SOS POLLUTION,” which will facilitate collecting pollutants in the sea, with its inventor, Roland Decaix, present to answer questions from the public;
  • le salon I’NOV, from April 29 to May 1, at Mérignac, in which the public can learn about the processes of invention from the idea to the concrete reality, and where 150 inventors and innovating enterprises will be presenting at least 200 inventions. Information on the Salon can be found at the website:


The National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia (SAKPATENTI) organized the following activities to celebrate the Day:

  • translation of the message of the Director General of WIPO into the national language and its posting on its website;
  • wide coverage of the Day in the national press, and the display of posters with the theme, “ Think, Imagine, Create”;
  • preparation for publication of the book by the Director General of the Center on international copyright agreements;
  • a meeting of the SAKPATENTI staff with university students and persons involved in the country’s cultural life;
  • the expression of congratulations to active inventors and leading figures in the fields of science, engineering and art;
  • the move of its staff of the Department of Information and International Relations to new premises.

Germany - Media City Leipzig e.V.

World Intellectual Property Day was celebrated in Germany on May 3, 2005, as one of a series of World Communications Days in Leipzig. Following the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), which took place in Geneva, Switzerland in 2003, the Media City Leipzig e.V., has sought to contribute to the implementation of the “Declaration of Principles”and “Action Plan” adopted by the WSIS. Media City Leipzig e.V. is a non-profit-making organization which organized events in cooperation with local bodies involved in telecommunications, the press, broadcasting, the printing trade, the University and other fields, as well as with WIPO, UNESCO, ITU and the Lord Mayor of Leipzig, in order to raise awareness of critical issues in the global information society.


The Day was observed by the Registry of Intellectual Property and other organisms as follows:

  • the signature of a convention of cultural and educational cooperation between the Registry and the universities;
  • a program of educational activities in collaboration with universities, to spread knowledge of intellectual property by means of talks;
  • an exhibition of inventors and of artists in the plastic arts, with recognition given to participation and to the best invention;
  • the dissemination of information on the importance of intellectual property by the mass media, the press, and other written means;
  • various cultural events on April 26, with the participation of a marimba band, a folk ballet and national singers and songwriters;
  • participation in World Book Day;
  • participation in the Fourth Centenary of Don Quijote and other activities organized by various Ministries.


The Industrial Property Service (Service de la Propri?t? Industrielle), which is in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, will be celebrating the Day by organizing an Open Day with the aim of promoting the value of intellectual property, especially at universities.

Hong Kong - SAR China

The Intellectual Property Department plans to organize the following activities to celebrate the Day:

  • the launch of a youngster program with the Hong Kong Scout Association;
  • radio broadcasts concerning the Day;
  • two newspaper supplements publicizing World Intellectual Property Day, one in an English-language and another in a Chinese-language newspaper, which include the message of the Director General of WIPO for the occasion.


The Hungarian Patent Office will celebrate the Day by focusing on the relationship between technology and the fine arts, and on the encouragement of creativity.

The major event will begin on April 26 in the Kovács Gábor Arts Foundation and Museum (known as the KOGART House) with a program including:

  • an entertainment and an exhibition on contemporary fine arts in Hungary;
  • the award of the Millennium Prize of the Hungarian Patent Office to representatives of institutions and organizations with outstanding achievements in intellectual property.

The Patent Office will also disseminate the message for the Day of the Director General of WIPO in Hungarian, both at the event, and by other means of communication.


To celebrate the Day, the Icelandic Patent Office has planned the following activities:

  • a seminar on traditional knowledge, enforcement of intellectual property rights and the Bolar provision;
  • competitions for innovations for children;
  • an Open Day at the Icelandic Patent Office;
  • distribution of a translation of WIPO’s publication, “Your Own World of IP;”
  • newspaper articles on intellectual property;
  • a radio broadcast concerning the Day.

India - Law Firm Anand & Anand

To celebrate the Day, the law firm Anand & Anand, in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation, organized a Round Table on the theme, “Evolving Intellectual Property Culture in India - Recent High Court Awards on Damages,” on April 25, 2005. This was held at the Intercontinental Park Royal in New Delhi, and gathered together representatives of law firms and of corporations, who spoke on key issues and participated in a question and answer session with the media and the audience.

India - National Intellectual Property Organization (NIPO)

NIPO will use the Day as a starting point for a series of seminars concerning the end of the transition period under the Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and the entry into force of a new regime of intellectual property rights in India. This inaugural international seminar, entitled “Post TRIPS IPR Regime—Implications and Opportunities for India,”w ill be held over three days, from April 23 to 26, 2005, at the India Habitat Centre, and will cover such subjects as recent amendments to the Patents Act, and legislation on geographical indications.

It is intended to raise awareness of these issues amongst the general public as well as amongst those who are closely concerned, such as students, Government officials, diplomats, members of NGOs, the business community, legal practitioners, owners and users of intellectual property.


The Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (DGIPR) will be organizing, in collaboration with appropriate institutions and organizations, a series of activities on the theme of "The Empowerment of the Intellectual Property System on Promoting the Transfer of Technology and Supporting the Development of the National Economy.” These activities include:

  • a seminar in Jakarta from April 26 to 27, 2005;
  • in Tangerang, an exhibition from April 26 to 28, 2005, and an intellectual property quizz for senior high school students from April 20 to 28, 2005;
  • a competition for the DGIPR logo from February to April 2005;
  • television talk shows featuring interactive dialogues on intellectual property.


Ireland is to mark World Intellectual Property Day with the following activities:

  • a general note on intellectual property and the message from WIPO’s Director General, Dr. Kamil Idris, will be placed on the websites of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and the Irish Patents Office (www. and;
  • letters issuing from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and the Patents Office will be franked with the following text in the month of April: “World Intellectual Property Day.”< /li>

The Irish Patents Office has launched a New Learning Zone for the Day which can be found at:


The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Show and Sport Department, is organizing a one-day national event on April 26 at the Complesso del San Michele a Ripa in Rome. This will take the form of a seminar in which will be emphasized the importance of the protection of works of the mind. It will celebrate the Day with a program which is planned to include:

  • an introduction to the day’s deliberations by the Minister, and by the Head of the Department for Entertainment and Sport, addresses on the significance of World Intellectual Property Day, and on Italians and intellectual property by an expert;
  • discussions, with a moderator, on an enquiry into the phenomenon of counterfeiting and its overall effects, with the participation not only of the Minister of the organizing Ministry, but also of the Ministers of Communications, of Productivity, of Education, Universities and Research, and of Innovation and Technology, as well as of a high official of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and also with the participation of representatives of Italian organizations active in the field of intellectual property;
  • a working session on legal profiles in intellectual property, with the participation of high-level government officials, of representatives of State institutions for enforcement and of organizations for the defence of intellectual property rights;
  • a round table, on the theme, “What Policy for Copyright?” with a moderator and with the participation of high-level officials of national commissions and organizations;
  • a concluding address by the Deputy Minister of the organizing Ministry.

The national seminar, as outlined above, has been rescheduled to take place on June 7, 2005.


The Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) has once again organized a week of activities, incorporating the celebration of the Day. These activities include:

  • a service of thanksgiving (April 24);
  • exhibitions in the Libraries of the University of the West Indies, the University of
  • Technology and the North Caribbean University on the WIPO theme, "Think, Imagine, Create" (April 26);
  • a radio broadcast from JIPO's office (April 26);
  • an official ceremony (April 26) for the new Intellectual Property Office, upon its relocation after a hurricane;
  • a workshop on intellectual property issues for exporters , hosted by Jamaica's Promotion Agency (JAMPRO) in collaboration with JIPO (April 27);
  • talks and presentations on intellectual property in schools all over the island, to focus on young people and the promotion of creativity (April 27-29).


To celebrate the Day, the Committee for intellectual property law of the Republic of Kazakhstan is organizing a national competition for inventors’achievements, lasting from March 28 to April 26, 2005.

The first National Competition for Achievements in the Sphere of Inventiveness was held on April 26, 2004, with entrants in the following categories:

  • invention of the year;
  • woman inventor;
  • youngest inventor of the year;
  • most active inventor of the year.

On April 26, 2005, there was an awards ceremony for the winners, who were also given commemorative souvenirs and certificates. The results of the competition were also publicized in the mass media.


The Kenya Industrial Property Institute will be organizing, at the national level, in cooperation with stakeholders in intellectual property, the following activities:

  • public awareness campaigns through seminars and exhibitions;
  • an Open Day;
  • promotion of innovation through an award scheme;
  • public lectures on intellectual property in various parts of the country;
  • publicity using print and the mass media;
  • banners and posters in the streets, and a documentary on local television;
  • the grant of patents, industrial designs, utility models and trademarks to selected applicants.


The State Agency of Science and Intellectual Property has planned the following activities to celebrate the Day:

  • round table for inventors on issues of intellectual property protection, on March 31, 2005;
  • seminar on “Legal Protection of Software Products” on March 18, 2005, for heads of computer clubs, Internet cafés and employers, with the participation of Microsoft company representatives in Central Asia;
  • meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission against infringements in the field of intellectual property, on April 20, 2005;
  • scientific conference on practical matters, dedicated to both the National and the World Intellectual Property Day, in April 2005, and in this framework, an exhibition on April 18 on the theme, “The Development of the Intellectual Property System in the Kyrgyz Republic”;
  • the action “Stop Piracy!” in common with the Police, on April 26, 2005;
  • seminar on the theme, “Foreign Patenting of Domestic Applications” on April 19, 2005;
  • competition for the best article and the best poster in the field of intellectual property, until April 20, 2005;
  • presentation of a book entitled “Glacier’s Groan” by K. Omurkulov, and the screening of a film entitled “The Sky of our Childhood,” on April 21, 2005;
  • competition of technical creative work “Intellectuals of the XXI Century,” from March 23 to 26, 2005;
  • Kyrgyzpatent Annual Report preparation, until April 15, 2005;
  • chess tournament, in March and April 2005;
  • coverage by the mass media of the World and National Intellectual Property Day, in March and April 2005;
  • participation in joint actions with the legal authorities to combat audio-visual piracy, in March and April, 2005;
  • preparation of booklets for distribution among users, on licensed and counterfeit audio-visual productions, through March 2005.


Latvia will be holding an international meeting in Riga on April 6 and 7, 2005, on the theme of “ Intellectual Property in the new EU Member States,” in which attention will be drawn to the celebration of the Day.

The Patent and Technology Library will be organizing an exhibition on the protection of intellectual property, which will be dedicated to the celebration of the Day. Information on the Day will be disseminated by various types of media, such as the newspapers, radio, television and the Patent Office’s website.


The Ministry of Economy and Trade, and within it the Intellectual Property Protection Office (IPPO), will be running a project to promote knowledge of intellectual property in around 100 schools, especially at the middle school level, throughout the country.

Currently 10 intellectual property specialists are being trained to give presentations on intellectual property issues, notably the advantages of intellectual property, the disadvantages of piracy, and a general overview of copyright, trademarks and patents, illustrated by practical examples for a better understanding of the subject.


The Day has been and will be celebrated as follows:

  • February 10 to 13 - the Ministry of Culture and the State Patent Bureau participated in the Vilnius Book Fair in order to raise awareness of intellectual property issues, and distributed information in the form of translated versions of WIPO publications on copyright, patents and trademarks;
  • a children’s book entitled “Trip to Authors’ Land” will be published, with the aim of spreading knowledge of intellectual property issues;
  • a book will be published containing reports of the international conference on copyright, which was held in Vilnius in December 2004 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Lithuania’s membership of the Berne Union;
  • April 26 - with the participation of the Ministry of Culture, the State Patent Bureau, the Agency of Lithuanian Copyright Protection Association (LATGA-A) and the Lithuanian Neighboring Rights Association (AGATA), the Day will be celebrated at the Vilnius City Hall with a press conference, the presentation of the book, “Trip to Authors’ Land,” outdoor concerts for the public, and the grant of two WIPO Creativity Awards for 2005 by the Ministry of Culture to commemorate the LATGA-A’s 15 th anniversary;
  • the website of the Ministry of Culture will be updated to incorporate the World Intellectual Property Day message to highlight the importance of creativity and innovation in building a better world.

Further activities are as follows:

  • a poster in honour of the 80th anniversary of the Law of Trademarks will be displayed in public areas;
  • an exhibition will be held at the Lithuanian Technical Library;
  • articles will be published on the Lithuanian industrial property protection system, among them a presentation in the periodical, “Industrial Property Protection.”


A showcase containing exhibits about counterfeiting and the importance of protecting marks can already be seen at Terminal A at Findel Airport. On April 26, this will be officially inaugurated by the Minister of the Economy and Foreign Trade. On the same date there will also be a press conference to publicize the Day.


The Office Malgache de la Propriété Industrielle (OMAPI) and the Office Malagasy du Droit d’Auteur (OMDA) celebrated the Day with the following activities:

  • live interviews on national television in a news program on April 22;
  • a stand for the press on April 22, at the Centre d’Information Technique et Economique (CITE), Ambatonakanga, at which was presented an agreement between OMAPI and CITE.;
  • an Open Day at OMAPI on April 26;
  • publication in the written press of the message of the Director General of WIPO;
  • participation in the program “Tahala” on national television on May 6.


To celebrate the Day, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs and the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia are organizing activities around the theme, “Intellectual Property - Current Economic Spinner.” These will be held at the Malacca International Trade Centre, Melaka, from March 3 to 6, 2005, and will include:

  • an official opening by the Prime Minister of Malaysia on March 3;
  • an exhibition on intellectual property during the whole period;
  • a half-day seminar on March 3, featuring papers to be read by both national and international experts in the field, as well as panel discussions.


The Centre Malien pour la Promotion de la Propriété Industrielle (CEMAPI) will be organizing for the Day, in collaboration with the Institute of Rural Economy, the Copyright Office of Mali and the Mali Association for the Promotion of Research, Invention and Technological Innovation, a conference with debate on the theme, “Geographical Indications, a Factor for the Promotion and Valorization of our Agricultural Products and Handicrafts.”

Further activities are as follows: CEMAPI, in collaboration with the Copyright Office of Mali (Bureau Malien du Droit d’Auteur), is organizing a conference which will take place on the Day at the National School of Engineers (Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs).


In commemoration of the Day, the Minister for Competitiveness and Communications, who has overall responsibility for intellectual property, wrote an article published in the national newspapers in both the Maltese and English languages. The article outlines the progress made in Malta in the field of intellectual property, and its aim is to increase awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights in the country.

Mexico - Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada

To celebrate the Day, the Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada, in collaboration with the Cámara Nacional de la Industria Electrónica de Telecomunicaciones e Informática, will be organizing the three magisterial conferences indicated below, to address the importance of intellectual property in national life, as part of an effort to implant the culture of intellectual property in universities, amongst the general public, and in government:

  • La propiedad intelectual como posibilidad legal para hacer industria y comercio / Intellectual Property as a Legal Possibility to Foster Industry and Commerce
    by Vitro, S.A. de C.V.;
  • Comercialización de la Propiedad Intelectual / Commercialization of Intellectual Property
    by González Hurtado & Terranova (Law firm);
  • The Qualcomm experience
    by Qualcomm Inc.

The Centro’s poster and program can be seen at

Mexico - Mexican Institute of Industrial Property

To celebrate the Day, the Institute has planned the following activities:

  • the printing of commemorative posters;
  • the dissemination of information on the Day on its website;
  • the broadcast of a radio interview given by the Director General of the Institute;
  • the broadcast of the commemorative spot on a television channel for the duration of a year.

Mexico - National Institute of Copyright

To celebrate the Day, the National Institute of Copyright will be organizing the award of prizes for the Gran Orden de Honor Nacional al Mérito Autoral, to reward Mexican authors.

Since Mexican authors will be present at this event, it will serve as a forum for the recognition of the importance of respect for copyright and related rights, at both national and international levels, as well as disseminating this attitude.

Morocco - Bureau Marocain du droit d’auteur (BMDA)

The Moroccan Copyright Office (known as the BMDA) has organized a program to promote public awareness of intellectual property, of the principle of protecting copyright and related rights and of the role of intellectual property in everyday life. Activities include:

  • radio and television broadcasts, with the participation of the Director General of BMDA on April 26 at 8 p.m.on the television channel RTM;
  • a radio broadcast on April 26 at 9 the form of a debate with listeners, lasting an hour and a half;
  • the reporting of the message of the Director General of WIPO in the national daily newspapers;
  • a national seminar on counterfeiting and piracy affecting audiovisual creations, which took place in Rabat on April 5 and 6, 2005, in collaboration with WIPO and the Ministry of Communication;
  • a seminar in Rabat on April 26 on the theme, “Think, Imagine, Create,” in collaboration with the Faculty of Science in Rabat, where eminent speakers will address participants drawn from the institutions of higher education, the Centre pédagogique in Rabat, secondary schools and the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services;
  • an exhibition of posters of the BMDA in the hall of the Faculty of Science, to build awareness of the nature of protected works and of the danger represented by counterfeiting and piracy.

Morocco - Faculty of Science, Mohammed V University, Rabat

At the Faculty of Science, a local organizing Committee is planning the celebration of the Day by means of conferences, posters and exhibitions on the theme, “Think, Imagine, Create.” Research work achieved in the Faculty’s laboratories and having led to the grant of patents will also be exhibited.

The Faculty has obtained the collaboration of both the Moroccan Industrial and Commercial Property Office and the Moroccan Copyright Office, which will provide speakers and documentation to the Faculty.

WIPO materials will be made available to students and researchers.

Morocco - “ Maroc de l’Invention

The Association, Maroc de l’Invention, will be celebrating the Day by organizing the following activities:

  • a broadcast on the Day on the national channel;
  • a campaign of promoting awareness amongst the public, by means of an exhibition and a seminar;
  • publicity about the Day in the national newspapers;
  • promotion of innovation by means of a national competition.


The Institute of Industrial Property will be celebrating the Day for the first time, by launching a database in which is the register of industrial property rights. It will also hold, on its premises, a conference on those rights.


The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, in conjunction with the Ministries of Trade and Industry and Environment and Tourism, have requested the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation to reserve one and a half hours of airtime on national radio, so that officials from those Ministries may address the nation on the historical background of the Day and on the significance of April 26. During this live broadcast, the public will be invited to telephone with any questions or views they may have.

Nigeria - Association of Inventors

The Nigerian Association of Inventors celebrated the Day at the Covenant University Canaan land Otta, Ogun State. On the afternoon of April 26, a two-hour conference was held in the College of Science and Technology Hall. The aim was to promote respect for intellectual property, especially amongst young people in higher education. Among those attending were students, lecturers and members of the Nigerian Association of Inventors.


The Norwegian Patent Office will celebrate the Day by holding a small exhibition in its Library, where WIPO publications will be displayed for the benefit of both staff and general public. It will also announce the Day on its website.


To celebrate the Day, a commemorative event was organized in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, in which there were addresses by officials of both the public and private sectors, thus disseminating knowledge and raising awareness of intellectual property rights.

Paraguay - Berkemeyer, Attorneys and Counselors

The Law firm, Berkemeyer, Attorneys and Counselors, will be collaborating with the Paraguayan Association of Intellectual Property Agents (Asociación Paraguaya de Agentes de la Propiedad Intelectual) to celebrate the Day around the theme, “Think, Imagine, Create,” by means of seminars, talks and other activities.


The Patent Office plans to celebrate the Day in the following ways:

  • the printing of 5,000 copies of each of the WIPO publications, “Making a Mark,” and “Looking Good,” for distribution to educational and industrial institutions throughout the country;
  • the organization of a one-day seminar in Warsaw on the Day, for some 100 lecturers from universities and academies, on educational programs for teaching intellectual property;
  • media coverage on the protection of intellectual property in Poland and around the world;
  • the broadcasting of interviews with professionals in the field of intellectual property rights.

Republic of Moldova

Events to be promoted by the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI) on the occasion of the Day are as follows:

  • six national seminars on intellectual property issues will have been organized in different regions by the AGEPI during March-April, including: “Protection of Industrial Designs”, “Protection of Intellectual Property in the Republic of Moldova”, “Protection of Trademarks and Industrial Designs in the Republic of Moldova”, “Patentability of Inventions in the Field of Medicine and Pharmacy”, and “Intellectual property - in support of SMEs”;
  • the 8 th scientific-practical Symposium “AGEPI Readings”, organized by the AGEPI, will be held on April 20 and 21, 2005;
  • the AGEPI Library will participate in the scientific symposium “Libraries - cooperation from the globalization perspective”, organized by the National Library of the Republic of Moldova within the “Bibliologic Year 2005”;
  • AGEPI has offered financial and logistic support to national inventors for participation in the International Exhibition of Inventions, New Technologies and Products in Geneva this year;
  • consulting and marketing services will be provided and promotional intellectual property materials, including the message of the Director General, posters and other publications prepared for Intellectual Property Day, will be distributed by the AGEPI staff at the exhibitions, organized in March-April, at the International Exhibition Center “Moldexpo” and at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce;
  • a press communiqué “World Intellectual Property Day - at its fifth celebration” is to be widely broadcast;
  • a press conference on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day is to be organized at the AGEPI;
  • a television talk show will be broadcast, with the participation of Moldovan inventors and the AGEPI Administration, on the national television channel;
  • the message from the World Intellectual Property Organization by Director General Kamil Idris and other WIPO information translated into Romanian will be published in AGEPI periodicals and in local newspapers;
  • an official ceremony dedicated to World Intellectual Property Day will be held on April 26, after which a reception and a concert will follow;
  • an announcement of the ongoing and forthcoming events dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day is on the AGEPI website:


World Intellectual Property Day will be celebrated by the Romanian Copyright Office as follows:

  • a television spot on the importance of intellectual property will be used for a public awareness campaign;
  • a round table will be held on April 26, with the participation of representatives of the authorities, of right-holders and of users of intellectual property, on which occasion the message of the Director General of WIPO will be disseminated;
  • visual arts students will be able to enter a poster competition on the theme of copyright and related rights.

World Intellectual Property Day will be celebrated by the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks as follows:

  • it will organize an exhibition of inventions especially by young inventors, in which they will present their own experiences, and at the official opening of which the message of WIPO’s Director General will be read;
  • anniversary symposia, with young people in mind, will be held in the 14 counties where there are regional centres for the promotion of industrial property protection;
  • the spot on the theme, “Think, Imagine, Create” will be broadcast by six national television stations and by the 14 cable television stations in the above-mentioned counties.

Russian Federation

To celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, the following activities have been organized by the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (ROSPATENT):

  • publication of the message of WIPO’s Director General in the magazines, “Intellectual Property” and “Patents and Licenses”;
  • publication in “Intellectual Property” of an interview given by WIPO’s Director General on cooperation between WIPO and ROSPATENT;
  • a meeting on April 26, which is intended to improve public awareness to and understanding of the role of intellectual property in modern society, as well as to be the starting-point for a series of activities to celebrate ROSPATENT’s 50th anniversary;
  • a presentation on the Russian edition of the book by WIPO’s Director General, “Intellectual Property - A Power Tool for Economic Growth”;
  • a presentation on the joint ROSPATENT-WIPO survey on the economic contribution of copyright industries to be undertaken shortly.

Russian Federation - The Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO)

To celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, the following activities will be organized by the Office of the EAPO, based in Moscow:

  • an annual meeting with Eurasian patent attorneys;
  • information on the filing of the ten thousandth Eurasian patent application, to be posted on the EAPO’s website;
  • the posting on the EAPO’s website of the messages of the Director General of WIPO and of the President of the EAPO concerning the Day, in both English and Russian.

Saudi Arabia

The Day was celebrated with the following activities organized by the King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology:

  • a colloquium on national television on intellectual property, featuring the presentation of WIPO kits, in a program entitled “Political and Economic Affairs,” which was broadcast on April 26;
  • information about intellectual property in the local newspapers, and responses to questions following press interviews published on April 26;
  • the placing of information received from WIPO in Arabic and English on the website of King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology.


The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), in collaboration with the WIPO Office in Singapore, will be celebrating the Day as follows:

  • a broadcast in prime time (on CNA) on the morning of April 21, of an interview featuring the Director General of IPOS and WIPO’s representative;
  • another broadcast on April 22, featuring the Director General of IPOS, an intellectual property lawyer, a creator and WIPO’s representative;
  • a Scavenger Hunt on the afternoon of April 23, in which the Senior Minister of State for Law, the Director General of IPOS and WIPO’s representative will be judging a creativity contest and presenting awards.

WIPO’s representative will be available for interviews with the local press and for any questions raised.

Slovak Republic

The Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic, having been reconstructed and refurbished, will be holding an opening ceremony on the premises on April 26, 2005. For the occasion, there will be an exhibition featuring the history of the most famous inventions, and a gallery of Slovak inventors with information on their work, as well as a survey on the present status of industrial property, on the activities of the Office, and presentations on the protection of industrial property.

On the Day, the 5th Annual Conference on Industrial Property will be held at the Banska Bystrica Office (see the site for further information), with the aim of offering to students, members of the public active in the field and to Office staff, a comprehensive presentation of current theoretical knowledge and practical experience in various fields of both copyright and industrial property.

On April 27, the Office, not normally open to the public, will hold an Open Day for those interested in industrial property, particularly students and teachers, who will be able to learn about industrial property protection, as well as visit the patent archive, reading room, and offices where search is carried out.


The Intellectual Property Institute, in collaboration with the Ljudmila digital media laboratory, will celebrate the Day with the publication of the first draft of the Slovenian Creative Commons License: this concerns facilitating for creators the possibility of publishing their work in electronic form with an attached creative commons license, that indicates which uses are free and which rights are reserved, without the additional involvement of lawyers. Activities include:

  • publication of the draft of the Creative Commons Licence in the Slovenian language;
  • announcement of the Day on the Slovenian website
  • media coverage on the importance of creativity for social progress;
  • publication of educational cartoons and text on the various ways of fostering and enhancing creativity and their importance.

South Africa

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO), and persons active in industry will celebrate the Day with a walkway on the new DTI campus, showing aspects of innovation, creation, registration and enforcement. It will be presented like a market with various stalls, one of which will focus on the role of government and its international obligations. WIPO publications will be used for this occasion.


To celebrate the Day, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office displayed WIPO posters in its main hall, and put on its website information on the Day, a summary of the press release, the message of the Director General of WIPO, and other WIPO materials, such as the 30-second television spot and the feature, “Your Own World of IP.”

Spain - Entidad de Gestión de Derechos de los Productores Audiovisuales (egeda)

On April 26 the 10 th José María Forqué Cinematographic Prize will be awarded. During the speeches and at the presentation ceremony, World Intellectual Property Day will be evoked.

Sri Lanka

The Day will be celebrated by the National Intellectual Property Office as follows:

  • a seminar organized by the Sri Lanka Performing Rights Society, in collaboration with the Intellectual Property Office and the National Library on April 27, on the theme, “Think, Imagine, Create”;
  • a television program with the financial assistance of Godage Publishers;
  • articles and other information material in the national newspapers.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The Commerce and Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) celebrated the Day by hosting the following activities during the course of a week, on the theme, “Intellectual Property: From Idea to Asset”:

  • April 24 - a panel discussion broadcast on the radio on the negative impact of music piracy;
  • April 25 - an in-house seminar for the owners and users of works protected by copyright;
  • April 26 - an exhibition featuring the works of local artists and authors and the trade marks of local enterprises, opened with a speech by the Registrar of the CIPO, and showing the connection between a strong intellectual property system and the growth of cultural industries;
  • April 27 - another in-house seminar, on “IP for Competitiveness,” for the benefit of small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • April 28 - a series of interactive seminars for schoolchildren, to promote awareness of the nature and value of intellectual property among young people;
  • April 29 - an outreach exercise entitled “IP Takes to the Street,” in which information on intellectual property was distributed to the general public and to the business community in the capital.

The week’s activities were promoted by means of articles in the press, poster displays and posting on the government website:


The Swedish Patent and Registration Office will celebrate the Day with the following activities on its premises, with its Director General as host:

  • an address by a speaker from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprises on the way in which intellectual property affects economic growth in Sweden;
  • the announcement of the winner of a prize called Andréepriset;
  • the inauguration of a design exhibition.

The Office has also distributed WIPO information material to all innovation centres in the country, and encouraged them to organize seminars on April 26.


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry supported and participated in the celebration of the Day, in the following ways:

  • an official circular concerning the Day was published and circulated throughout the country;
  • posters publicizing the Day have been displayed;
  • an entire page on the Day was published in the national newspaper “Teshrine” on May 26;
  • national television broadcast a program on intellectual property;
  • an exhibition of children’s drawings took place, on the theme of “The Child and its Future”;
  • CDs on WIPO (250 in number) were distributed by representatives of the intellectual property community in the country.

Tanzania, United Republic of

The materials provided by WIPO for the celebration of the Day will be used on September 13, 2005, which marks African Intellectual Property and Technology in Tanzania: on that day, exhibitions featuring creators and seminars for the discussion of intellectual property issues are on the program.


From April 28 to 29, 2005, the Department of Intellectual Property, in conjunction with the EC-ASEAN IPR Cooperation Program, will be organizing a national seminar on the theme, “ Registration, Administrative Procedures, Marketing and Control of Geographical Indications in Bangkok.”

Trinidad and Tobago

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) of Trinidad and Tobago celebrated the Day by organizing the following activities:

  • a meeting with representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises to discuss their use of patent information;
  • presentations to the national Chambers of Industry and Commerce;
  • radio and television broadcasts on intellectual property in general, and broadcasts of the WIPO film, “Creative Planet,” both on local television and in the IPO building;
  • displays of posters and books at public libraries;
  • updates of the IPO website, to include messages from the Minister and the Director General of WIPO;
  • a meeting with the Minister and the WIPO Consultant and Regional Coordinator to prepare for the IP audit of the local energy sector;
  • publication of articles in the press on various aspects of intellectual property;
  • the despatch of information packages on intellectual property to secondary schools;
  • presentation of the draft, “National Intellectual Property Policy” to the Minister;
  • launch of the new copyright brochure of the IPO, with the participation of the WIPO Regional Coordinator.


The Turkish Patent Institute plans to celebrate the Day by organizing a Conference in Istanbul on April 25, 2005 on the theme, “The Legal Aspect of the Patent and Actual Cases.”

The Conference is intended for the managers of businesses, counsellors and other senior personnel in legal and research departments of businesses, and also for judges, lawyers and consultants in the field of patents.


The State Department of Intellectual Property, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science and the company “Euroindex”, is organizing a first national exhibition on the theme, “ Inventions and Innovations.” Various activities will take place in the framework of this exhibition, from April 25 to 28, 2005.

Among these will be a stand where there will be a presentation on “Achievements of the State System of Legal Protection of Intellectual Property,” a press conference about World Intellectual Property Day, and a conference on the theme of “Innovation Management.” The winners of the competition, “Invention 2004,” will receive their awards during the exhibition. The participants in these activities will be from the various regions of Ukraine.

United Kingdom - Enterprises “Own It” and “Ideas 21” and the U.K. Patent Office

"Own It", "Ideas 21" - with financial assistance from the Intellectual Property Institute - and the U.K. Patent Office will be cooperating to put on a free event entitled “Making money from intellectual property licensing.”

The event will demonstrate that good ideas alone cannot achieve financial success, and that for many inventors and businesses, licensing intellectual property is the best way forward. The speakers will be an inventor and a practising intellectual property lawyer. The subjects covered will include the nature of a licence, its negotiation, payment conditions, choosing a licensee, and the minimization of the dangers of licensing.

United Kingdom - Intellectual Property Office of Bermuda

The Ministry of Labour, Home Affairs and Public Safety will celebrate the Day in the following ways:

  • a proclamation by the Minister on the steps of the City Hall;
  • a two-week event, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, which celebrates "Spring into the Arts," showcasing the creative talents of schoolchildren;
  • newspaper articles on the creative abilities of the youth of Bermuda;
  • publication of the message of WIPO's Director General;
  • publication of the address of the Minister with responsibility for intellectual property;
  • radio interviews with members of the staff of the Intellectual Property Office;
  • addresses to different groups highlighting this year's theme;
  • issue of T-shirts printed with this year's theme to staff members of the Intellectual Property Office;
  • display of a banner from April 13 to 30, 2005.

United Kingdom - NCC Group

The NCC group will be holding a lunchtime seminar on copyright protection on April 26, in central Manchester, starting at 12 p.m. John Lambert, a barrister specializing in intellectual property, will speak on copyright issues in the business environment, then give a presentation on the newly launched Copyright Protection Service. Information can be obtained at:

United States of America

The United States House of Representatives passed a resolution (House Resolution 210) in support of the goals of World Intellectual Property Day. The resolution emphasized the key role intellectual property plays in the U.S. and throughout the world, and cited the contributions made by innovators and artists to the development and growth of societies across the globe. The resolution also recognized the important work done by WIPO under the leadership of Dr. Kamil Idris in promoting greater awareness of the value of IP and in developing the necessary infrastructure to help citizens take full advantage of their creativity.

United States of America - The Business Software Alliance (BSA)

The Business Software Alliance commemorated the Day by addressing the public on how intellectual property rights foster innovation, creativity and economic opportunity. With the aim of promoting a safe and responsible digital world, BSA has developed programs for elementary and higher education, emphasizing the importance of being good cyber citizens and respecting the rights of copyright-holders.

BSA also participated in events celebrating the Day in China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Latvia, South Africa and Turkey.


The Day was celebrated on April 26, 2005, by a commemorative occasion organized by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining and the National Directorate of Industrial Property, which was well covered by all the media. The Minister opened the proceedings by speaking on the importance of intellectual property for national development policies, and the Director of the National Directorate of Industrial Property (DNPI), made important announcements on the orientation of her leadership. The message of the Director General of WIPO was publicized on the occasion, as well as the WIPO publication, “ La Propiedad Intelectual en tu vida.”

The Director of the DNPI was also interviewed on local television about the services provided by that office in the fields of marks and patents. She was further invited to participate as a speaker in a function organized by the Faculty of Chemistry and the Institute of Commercial Law of the Faculty of Law in the University of the Republic.


To celebrate the Day, the State Patent Office intends to organize the following activities:

  • a Competition for inventors and other creators, incorporating the award of the WIPO gold medal;
  • an international seminar on intellectual property and traditional knowledge, possibly with the collaboration of international organizations within the United Nations System;
  • a special issue of the magazine, “Chemical Technologies, Control and Management”;
  • the participation of Uzbek inventors in the VIIIth Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property;
  • dissemination of information on intellectual property protection by the media;
  • the publication of an Uzbek-Russian-English dictionary of basic terminology in the field of intellectual property protection;
  • a quiz on patents for the staff of the State Patent Office;
  • a celebratory meeting at the State Patent Office.


The program for the celebration of the Day in Vietnam is as follows:

  • On March 25, the 10 th Anniversary Ceremony of the Awards for Science and Technology Creativity and the ceremony for WIPO awards for 2004 were held at the Hanoi City Hall, in the presence of some 150 Vietnamese and foreign journalists, to be followed by a press conference, and subsequently by a broadcast covering this event on a major national television channel;
  • the message from the Director General of WIPO has been translated into Vietnamese, and is being widely disseminated by the mass media;
  • the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) is cooperating with the media for the dissemination of more information about the Day;
  • there will be articles in the newspapers about intellectual property and the Day, and news about the Day will be broadcast on the evening of April 26.

Further activities, on April 26, are as follows:

  • The Center for Promotion of Inventions and Innovations (CEPIN), in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, is organizing a meeting for some 200 personnel of enterprises and 500 inventors of the city, in which CEPIN will present awards for inventions of the past 15 years, and announce the 2005 WIPO awards for the best invention, the best young inventor, the outstanding woman inventor, and for the best enterprise, to be presented in March 2006;
  • Vietnamese Television will re-broadcast the 2004 WIPO Awards ceremony and the 2004 Technology Award ceremony held in March 2005;
  • Vietnamese Television will broadcast an interview given by the Director General of CEPIN on the role of WIPO and CEPIN in the development of creativity in Vietnam.

CEPIN is currently making a film about Vietnamese winners of WIPO awards since their inception.


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has organized a national seminar on copyright and related rights on the very day of April 26.

Zimbabwe - African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO)

ARIPO will be organizing festivities on the theme “Think, Imagine, Create” for some 50 young inventors and artistic creators selected from secondary schools in Harare, while also providing catering services for them. These activities will include:

  • a presentation by the UNDP Representative on the message of the Director General of WIPO;
  • remarks of the Director General of ARIPO on the role of his organization in promoting imaginative and creative thinking amongst young people;
  • remarks of the President of Young Inventors on the role of inventors’ associations in promoting young inventors;
  • the presentation of a new ARIPO promotional CD-ROM;
  • inauguration of a museum on ARIPO inventions and innovations;
  • an exhibition of interesting designs and trademarks, as well as of inventions and technology of special interest to young people, new inventions being displayed with analogous old inventions to show how technology has evolved;
  • the display and use of WIPO CD-ROMs, posters and other WIPO materials, including the distribution to the participants of WIPO bookmarks and the WIPO publication “Your Own World of IP,” as well as a 2005 calendar on the theme.