Hague System Stories – Designs in Action

Our new series of Hague System stories – featuring a whole range of designs protected under the Hague System – will provide you with insights into how designs work in the real world, and how they can help you obtain wider market recognition and increase your global competitiveness.

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Internet of Things (Getty/studiostockart)
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Photo of TechSafe Industries' SunScreen
(Photo: TechSafe Industries)
TechSafe Industries – Designing Smart Urban Energy Solutions

"SunScreen" is a road-side wall that acts as an extremely effective noise barrier and generates solar power. With aesthetics a major concern surrounding most renewable energy technologies, TechSafe had to ensure that SunScreen could easily blend into its surroundings. The solution: a simple and clean design, with a neutral and muted earth-tone color palette.

(November 15, 2021)

Photo of the Neomano robo-glove in action
(Photo: Neofect)
Neofect – Connecting People with Design and Technology

Eleven years ago, Hoyoung Ban and Young Choi came up with an innovative idea that would go on to make an enormous difference in many people's lives. Fueled by their own personal experiences with severe disabling conditions, they set up a company that creates smart gloves and boards for use in rehabilitation. Taking their idea a step further, they integrated digital games into their products, making the road to recovery more fun.

(September 23, 2021)

Republic of Korea
Photo of a swimmer wearing the Unica full-face snorkeling mask.
(Photo: Seacsub)
Diving Deeper into Design with Seacsub

For almost a century, snorkeling masks have remained essentially the same, with limited design innovation. Although full-face snorkeling masks started to appear on the market, they were heavy, cumbersome and unappealing. Seacsub came up with such a game-changing design with their Unica fullface mask, that they completely revolutionized snorkeling.

(August 27, 2021)

Photo of Kubota's concept tractor
(Photo: Kubota)
Kubota – Designing for the Future

"We want our users to experience the value that true innovation brings. Value depends first on the tool serving a useful purpose. This is the role of design in innovation." – Kubota

(July 1, 2021)


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