Hague System: Designate China in Your International Design Applications

May 5, 2022

China’s accession to the 1999 Act of the Hague Agreement takes effect today – May 5, 2022 – meaning that you can now designate this newest member of the Hague System in your international design applications. Companies and designers in China can also now use the Hague System to seek design protection in any of its members.


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With China’s accession, the Hague System now covers 94 countries and nine out of ten of the world’s top economic markets.


Reminder! Hague System contracting parties can make certain declarations, notably to ensure that the international procedural mechanism of the Hague System accommodates their own domestic requirements.

You can find important details on China's accession in Hague System Information Notices 6/2022 and 7/2022. In addition, check our Hague System Member Profiles for information on China's specific requirements and domestic laws, practices and procedures.

Have you already filed an international application and want to extend protection to China?

If your international application was a first filing, and no more than six months have lapsed since you filed that application, you can file another (new) international application for the same designs, designating China, and claim priority of the first international application.

Tip! You can use WIPO's Digital Access Service (DAS) to submit a certified copy of your international application ("priority document") to the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). Simply request a free-of-charge DAS code through Contact Hague.

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