Introducing the eHague Gateway – Your Central Point of Reference for Hague System Online Services

February 16, 2021

We have recently published a new online gateway – eHague – providing you with centralized access to our existing online services for filing international design applications and renewing registrations.


This new gateway is just the beginning of a much wider user-focused project, paving the way towards the modernization and streamlining of our online services and a greatly enhanced customer experience.

How to access eHague

The new eHague gateway is directly accessible from:

  • the Hague System homepage, replacing previous individual links to eFiling and eRenewal; and
  • the main MENU of the WIPO IP Portal, with or without login, under 'Designs > File & Manage'.
Warning! Individual links to eRenewal will shortly be removed from the IP Portal MENU (including "My Favorites").

What next?

We will gradually extend the range of services offered through eHague, making it possible for you to also view and manage your international design registrations, in a fast and streamlined self-service mode. This will include the integration of all official Hague System forms.

We will keep you updated when new features are available.

You will be able to:

  • manage your portfolio directly (update details, renew registrations, make payments, etc.);
  • receive electronic alerts on design registration life-cycle events including renewals, payments and decisions by contracting parties;
  • initiate actions, e.g., request extracts; and
  • view and search your official Hague notifications.

Our goal? To give you real-time, secure and direct digital access to your complete Hague design portfolio.

Questions or queries?

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WIPO Hague System – The International Design System

WIPO's Hague System provides a unique international mechanism for securing and managing design rights simultaneously in more than 90 countries through one application, in one language with one set of fees.