Hague System: eHague – Questions and Answers

For a step-by-step guide to filing applications through eHague, access our filing tutorial.

A. Technical questions

Yes, a WIPO Account is required to log in and use eHague. Create a WIPO Account.

No, the names do not have to match.

You cannot access the demo version of eHague using your regular WIPO Account. You need to create a ‘dummy’ WIPO Account, using different credentials:

  • from the demo login page, click on Create WIPO Account below the username/password fields;
  • complete the form and follow the instructions to validate the account;
  • log in to the demo version of eHague using your dummy account credentials.

The major web browsers supported are Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Make sure you use the latest version.

The personal security settings of your device or network might affect some features or content within eHague.

Yes, eHague supports this functionality. You can retrieve any pending applications in the 'Draft application(s)' tab within eHague.

B. Signatures

To file an application through eHague you need to have a WIPO Account. That account uses strong authentication, which eliminates the need for a physical signature.

We recommend that you use a text-string signature (also known as an "s-signature"). A rubber stamp impression of a party’s name (whether a natural or legal person) or a handwritten signature are also accepted.

Tip: The name/or official title and email address of the signatory should be clearly stated where necessary.

C. Reproductions

A reproduction refers to photographs, drawings or other graphic representations that illustrate your design.

Image format: JPG or TIFF
Resolution: 300 dpi
Dimensions: Minimum 3 x 3 cm ; maximum 16 x 16 cm
Borders: Between 1 and 20 pixels
Color: RGB or grayscale
File size: Maximum 2MB (per file)

No, there is no limit. You should however note that fees apply per reproduction. For more information, refer to the Schedule of Fees.

For full information, refer to Preparing reproductions

D. Uploads

  • You must upload reproductions in JPG or TIFF format (maximum file size is 2MB per file).
  • You can upload supporting documents in PDF, JPG or TIFF format (maximum file size is 20MB).
Important – The documents that you upload must be in English, French or Spanish (the official languages of the Hague System).

File names may include a maximum of 255 characters. Important! You must not include spaces or non-alphanumerical / non-Latin characters.

The maximum file size is 20MB.

More questions?

If you couldn't find an answer to your question on this page or through our eHague filing tutorial, then feel free to Contact Hague.

Disclaimer: The questions and answers provided on this page serve a purely informative purpose and are not a legal point of reference. They do not necessarily represent the official position of WIPO or its member states.

(Last revision: March 2021)