The Green Technology Book takes a look at the state of play of green technologies responding to some of the most critical challenges of climate change.

In the 2022 report, we present the technology trends and practical solutions to combat climate-change impact on agriculture and forestry, the water sector and cities.

How can innovative technologies and the intellectual property system help us adapt to climate change?

The Green Technology Book illustrates how healthy innovation ecosystems are generating a wealth of green technology solutions.

Drawing on a rich database of technologies - whether proven, frontier or still on the horizon - the report offers practical and inspiring examples of green technologies that can help people adapt to the reality of climate change.

Daren Tang
We should take encouragement - and inspiration - from the sheer range of transformational tools to help communities adapt to climate change.
Daren Tang WIPO Director General
Climate-change adaptation, technology and innovation
Green technology solutions to our changing environment
The future of climate-change adaptation

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