Global Innovation Index (GII)

The Global Innovation Index (GII) takes the pulse of the most recent global innovation trends. It ranks the innovation ecosystem performance of economies around the globe each year while highlighting innovation strengths and weaknesses and particular gaps in innovation metrics.

Envisioned to capture as complete a picture of innovation as possible, the Index comprises around 80 indicators, including measures on the political environment, education, infrastructure and knowledge creation of each economy.

The different metrics that the GII offers can be used to monitor performance and benchmark developments against economies within the same region or income group classification.

The GII Launch Event

Monday September 20, 2021

Global Innovation Index 2021 Event

Watch the launch speeches held by the President of Colombia, the Prime Minister of Cabo Verde, the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, as well as by Ministers of China, the Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

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Videos are available in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

Current edition: Tracking Innovation through the COVID-19 Crisis

The 2021 edition of the GII presents the latest global innovation ranking of 132 economies, relying on 81 different indicators. While tracking the most recent global innovation trends in the new Global Innovation Tracker, this edition also focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on innovation.

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Previous editions of the Global Innovation Index

2020 – Who Will Finance Innovation?

The GII 2020 shed light on the state of innovation financing by investigating the evolution of existing mechanisms and pointing to progress and remaining challenges.

2019 – The Future of Medical Innovation

The GII 2019 analyzed the medical innovation landscape of the next decade, looking at how technological and non-technological medical innovation will transform the delivery of healthcare worldwide.

2018 – Energizing the World with Innovation

The GII 2018 analysed the energy innovation landscape of the next decade and identifies possible breakthroughs in fields such as energy production, storage, distribution, and consumption.

2017 – Innovation Feeding the World

The GII 2017 reviewed the state of innovation in agriculture and food systems across sectors and geographies.

About the Global Innovation Index

Since its inception in 2007, the GII has shaped the innovation measurement agenda and become a cornerstone of economic policymaking, with an increasing number of governments systematically analyzing their annual GII results and designing policy responses to improve their performance.

Published anually, the core of the GII provides performance measures and ranks 132 economies on their innovation ecosystems. The Index is built on a rich dataset – the collection of 81 indicators from international public and private sources – going beyond the traditional measures of innovation since the definition of innovation has broadened.

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What is the Global Innovation Index?

Video: The Global Innovation Index (GII) takes the pulse of the most recent global innovation trends.