WIPO Global Awards for SMEs cover picture

Winners of the 2022 WIPO Global Awards

The panel of seven judges with expertise in IP, innovation and business, and drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, selected these five winners. The jurors used a range of criteria, including the successful commercialization of IP and its positive impact on economy, society or culture, while considering the diversity of the contenders and their locations.

Representatives from the five winning companies at the awards ceremony. (Photo: WIPO)

Hydraloop – Netherlands

Hydraloop designs, manufactures and sells physical products to tackle increasing global water challenges, through decentral water recycling, reducing water consumption by up to 45 percent.

Lucence – Singapore

Lucence is a precision oncology company committed to bringing clarity to cancer care. Lucence makes ultrasensitive liquid biopsy tests to provide doctors and their patients life-changing information to enable earlier detection and effective treatment.

Raycan – China

Raycan PET (Positron Emission Tomography) technology research and product development, and has launched the world's first full Digital PET for high definition and precise quantification of human medical imaging technology.

Shylon – China

Shylon is professional in architectural lighting, using totally LED technology, dedicated to the design, production and marketing in outdoor lighting.

LED landscape light, through the high-precision spectral measurement testers and color calibration algorithms, new secondary optical accessory solutions, corresponding to the national green lighting to promote the development of green energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lights.

Splink – Japan

Splink is developing artificial intelligence software to help not only the sick, but healthy individuals by assisting medical doctors with diagnosis of early dementia, and other neurodegenerative diseases in conjunction with data and field experts.