List of Contracting Parties to the Madrid Agreement or the Madrid Protocol in the aphabetical order of the corresponding ST.3 codes

Where a country is party to the Madrid Agreement, its name is followed by the letter "A"; where a country is party to the Madrid Protocol, its name is followed by the letter "P"; where a country is party to both the Agreement and the Protocol, its name is followed by "A & P".

AG Antigua and Barbuda (P)
AL Albania (A & P)
AM Armenia (A & P)
AN Netherlands Antilles (P)
AT Austria (A & P)
AU Australia (P)
AZ Azerbaijan (A & P)
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina (A & P)
BE Belgium (A & P)
BG Bulgaria (A & P)
BH Bahrain (P)
BT Bhutan (A & P)
BW Botswana (P)
BX Benelux Trademark Office*
BY Belarus (A & P)
CH Switzerland (A & P)
CN China (A & P)
CU Cuba (A & P)
CY Cyprus (A & P)
CZ Czech Republic (A & P)
DE Germany (A & P)
DK Denmark (P)
DZ Algeria (A)
EE Estonia (P)
EG Egypt (A & P)
EM European Union (P)
ES Spain (A & P)
FI Finland (P)
FR France (A & P)
GB United Kingdom (P)
GE Georgia (P)
GH Ghana (P)
GR Greece (P)
HR Croatia (A & P)
HU Hungary (A & P)
IE Ireland (P)
IR Iran (Islamic Republic of) (A & P)
IS Iceland (P)
IT Italy (A & P)
JP Japan (P)
KE Kenya (A & P)
KG Kyrgyzstan (A & P)
KP Democratic People's Republic of Korea (A & P)
KR Republic of Korea (P)
KZ Kazakhstan (A)
LI Liechtenstein (A & P)
LR Liberia (A & P)
LS Lesotho (A & P)
LT Lithuania (P)
LU Luxembourg (A & P)
LV Latvia (A & P)
MA Morocco (A & P)
MC Monaco (A & P)
MD Republic of Moldova (A & P)
ME Montenegro (A & P)
MG Madagascar (P)
MK The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (A & P)
MN Mongolia (A & P)
MZ Mozambique (A & P)
NA Namibia (A & P)
NL Netherlands (A & P)
NO Norway (P)
OM Oman (P)
PL Poland (A & P)
PT Portugal (A & P)
RO Romania (A & P)
RS Serbia (A & P)1
RU Russian Federation (A & P)
SD Sudan (A & P)
SE Sweden (P)
SG Singapore (P)
SI Slovenia (A & P)
SK Slovakia (A & P)
SL Sierra Leone (A & P)
SM San Marino (A & P)
ST Sao Tome and Principe (P)
SY Syrian Arab Republic (A & P)
SZ Swaziland (A & P)
TJ Tajikistan (A)
TM Turkmenistan (P)
TR Turkey (P)
UA Ukraine (A & P)
US United States of America (P)
UZ Uzbekistan (P)
VN Viet Nam (A & P)
ZM Zambia (P)

* For the application of the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are deemed to be a single country; the common Office for these countries is the Benelux Trademark Office (code BX).
1 Serbia is the continuation of the legal personality of Serbia and Montenegro, which ceased to exist on 3 June 2006.