Paper Published Analyzing the History and Development of the Concept of Building Respect for IP

May 18, 2021

The Journal of World Intellectual Property Law has published a note on building respect for IP, written by Louise van Greunen, Director of WIPO’s Building Respect for IP Division, and Iva Gobac, IP Consultant.

Entitled Building Respect for Intellectual Property – the Journey Towards Balanced Intellectual Property Enforcement, the note traces the history of multilateral dialogue on IP enforcement in the years following the entry into force of the Agreement on Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement).

In particular, the paper highlights how the adoption of the 2007 WIPO Development Agenda marked a shift in the international dialogue on IP enforcement, from a purely punitive notion of IP enforcement to a more holistic concept of building respect for IP. The note takes a close look at the concept of building respect for IP, examining its origins, its development at WIPO and ultimately demonstrating the profound impact it has had in transforming multilateral dialogue on IP enforcement from deadlock balanced, inclusive and constructive discourse.

A pre-print version of the note is available on SSRN.