WIPO Enforcement-Related Training and Awareness-Raising Activities and Cooperation with Intergovernmental and Non-Governmental Organizations

January to December 2005

Dates Venue Title
December 5 - 6 and 8 - 9 Tunis and Sfax, Tunisia Séminaire itinérants de l'OMPI sur la protection et la défense des marques et dessins et modèles industriels
November 30 London, UK Executive Board Meeting of the WCO IPR Strategic Group
November 28 - 30 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Rencontre relative à la fraude et la contrefaçon dans l'Union économique et monétaire ouest africaine (UEMOA): Quels moyens pour une lutte plus efficace?
November 28 - 30 Mexico City Seminar on the Infringement of Copyright and Related Rights
November 25 Mauritius Retreat for Judges and Magistrates on Intellectual Property Enforcement
November 21 - 23 Maputo, Mozambique National Workshop on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
November 14 - 15 Lyon, France Second Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy
November 14 - 15 Singapore WIPO/CISAC Joint Regional Colloquium for the Judiciary on Copyright and Related Rights
October 26 - 27 Brussels, Belgium Participation in the First Meeting of the WCO Task Force on IPR Protection
17-18 October WIPO Headquarters OECD/WIPO Counterfeiting and Piracy: Expert Meeting on Measurement and Statistical Issues
18 - 19 octobre Damas, Syrie Atelier sous-régional de l'OMPI sur la mise en oeuvre des droits de propriété intellectuelle
October 12 London, UK G8–Meeting at the UK Patent Office on Reducing Piracy and Counterfeiting
October 11 - 21 Tokyo, Japan WIPO Speakers to the Training Course on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
October 5 - 6 Lyon, France Further Preparatory Meeting for the Second Global Congress
September 24 - 26 Berlin, Germany Participation in the enforcement sessions of the AIPPI Executive Committee and the AIPPI Forum
September 20 - 21 Abu Dhabi, UAE Speaker at the Fourth Meeting on Commercial Fraud and Counterfeiting
September 13 - 16 Yaoundé, Cameroun Atelier sous-régional sur la mise en œuvre des droits de la propriété intellectuelle à l’intention des pays francophones d'Afrique
September 13 - 14 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia WIPO Asia-Pacific Regional Symposium on the Protection and Enforcement of IPRs
August 22 - 23 Lima, Peru First Andean Regional Meeting for the discussion of a document containing a harmonized legal regional framework on border measures on IP
July 27 - 28 London, UK Meeting for the Planning of the Second Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy
July 23 - 29 Washington, DC, USA WIPO-USPTO Academy for the Judiciary on the Enforcement of IPRs
July 4 - 29 WIPO Headquarters Presentation on enforcement at the WIPO Summer School on Intellectual Property
July 5 - 7 Almaty, Kazakhstan Presentations at the WIPO-UN/ECE-WCO Subregional Seminar on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
June 27 - July 8 WIPO/WTO headquarters Participation in panel on enforcement at the WIPO/WTO Colloquium for Teachers of IP
June 29 - 30 Banska Bystrica Slovakia TAIEX Workshop on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in a Modern Society
June 14-30 The Hague, Netherlands Participation in the Diplomatic Conference on the Hague Convention on Exclusive Choice of Court Agreements, Hague Conference on Private International Law
June 13-14 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Latin American Regional Forum on Combating Counterfeiting (organized by WCO and Interpol, with the support of WIPO and a number of NGOs)
June 6-10 Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago WIPO Regional Training Course on Trademarks for Officials of Caribbean IP Offices, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago; Staff training, June 2-3
May 24-25 Lyon, France Participation by WIPO in a Meeting for the Planning of the 2 nd Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and the Regional Anti-Counterfeiting Forum
May 4-5 Cairo, Egypt Participation in the Summit on Proven Strategies for Countering Counterfeiting & Infringement of IP Rights, under the auspices of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade of Egypt
April 5-7 Brussels, Belgium Participation in meetings for the planning of an Anti-Counterfeiting Forum and the 2 nd Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and the WCO IPR Strategic Group
April 5-6 Rabat, Morocco Séminaire national de l’OMPI sur la contrefaçon et la piraterie dans le domaine audiovisuel
March 15-16 Ljubljana, Slovenia Participation in the Seminar on enforcement of IPRs organized by the Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office (TAIEX) of the European Union
March 9 Paris, France Participation in the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Meeting on Intellectual Property Enforcement
March 8 Brussels, Belgium Participation in the British American Tobacco (BAT) Stakeholder Dialogue on Excise and Illicit Trade
February 17 London, UK Meeting with the International Bar Association (IBA) to discuss cooperation in the field of specialized intellectual property courts
February 17-18 New Delhi, India WIPO National Seminar on the Promotion, Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.
February 16-17 Brussels, Belgium Participation in the World Customs Organization (WCO) Enforcement Committee
January 11-12 Amman, Jordan WIPO National Seminar on Intellectual Property for the Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT)