Irrigation control system

Agua Control
Rear view of man standing on corn field and using mobile phone
Getty Images /© Simon Skafar

Agua Control provides automatic irrigation control systems. These help farmers decide when to water their crops and by how much. They also help do this more accurately. With local or remote access via mobile phone or internet, this technology can be installed in an orchard connected to a network of sensors, pumps and control valves that allow remote monitoring and water control. The technology is suitable for large-scale applications and can measure and control water flow, as well as save water by detecting pump failures or leakages. This service also includes the control and monitoring of ground and surface water supplies and assesses soil moisture using sensors. Measurement of soil moisture, along with variables such as evapotranspiration in leaves and climate forecasts, contribute to determining irrigation needs.

  • Contracting type: For sale/Service
  • Technology level: Medium
  • Country of origin: Chile
  • Availability: Chile