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128. The consideration of this item was based on document A/33/3.

130. The following statements were made in response to the Chair's announcement concerning the working schedule for the next days proceedings.

131. The Delegation of Pakistan stated that in order to address the substantive and contentious issues tabled before the Assembly effectively, the working methods of the Assembly required improvement, providing for an in-depth exchange of views among Member States.

132. The Delegation of Mexico stated, on behalf of GRULAC, that they wholeheartedly endorsed the remarks made by the Delegation of Pakistan. GRULAC however, wished to acknowledge the efforts that had been made by the Group Coordinators. In recognizing also the extremely valuable efforts made by the Chair in conducting the consultations, GRULAC pointed out that experts attending the Assemblies from their capitals and diplomats resident in Geneva would have liked to contribute one way or another to the general debate in plenary on each and every agenda item. It was widely felt that in such a multilateral forum a full and frank exchange of opinions and views was needed in order to take full advantage of the opportunity for intergovernmental discussion, and therefore invited the Chair to proceed accordingly.

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