DATE: September 15, 1998




Thirty-Third Series of Meetings

Geneva, September 7 to 15, 1998


adopted by the Assemblies of the Member States



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1. This General Report records the deliberations and decisions of the following 21 Assemblies and other bodies of the Member States of WIPO:

meeting in Geneva from September 7 to 15, 1998, where the deliberations took place, and decisions were made in joint meetings of two or more of the said Assemblies and other bodies (hereinafter referred to as "the joint meeting(s)" and "the Assemblies of the Member States," respectively).

2. In addition to this General Report, separate Reports have been drawn up on the sessions of the General Assembly (WO/GA/23/7), WIPO Conference (WO/CF/16/2), Coordination Committee (WO/CC/42/3), Berne Union Assembly (B/A/24/2), Hague Union Assembly (H/A/17/2), PCT Union Assembly (PCT/A/26/2), Paris Union Executive Committee (P/EC/35/1) and the Berne Union Executive Committee (B/EC/41/1).

3. The list of the States members of the Assemblies and other bodies concerned and the observers admitted to their sessions as of September 4, 1998, is set forth in document A/33/INF/1 Rev.

4. The meetings dealing with the following items of the Agenda (document A/33/1 Prov.2) were presided over by the following Chairs:

Items 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, second part of item 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 20
and 21

Ms. Sheila Batchelor (Canada), Chair of the General Assembly


Items 3, first part of 8, 18 and 19

Mr. Jean-Marie Noirfalisse (Belgium), Chair of the WIPO Coordination Committee and Mr. Leo J. Palma (Philippines), Vice-Chair of the Coordination Committee


Item 11

Mr. Ladislav Jakl (Czech Republic), Vice-Chair of the WIPO Conference


Item 15

Mrs. América Néstar Santos Riveras (Cuba), Acting Chair of the PCT Union Assembly


Item 16

Mr. Jan Nicaise (Netherlands), Chair of the Hague Union Assembly


Item 17

Mr. David Gabunia (Georgia), Vice-Chair of the Berne Union Assembly


Item 20

The Chair (or, in her absence, a Vice-Chair, or in the absence of the Chair and both Vice-Chairs, an ad hoc Chair) of one of the 21 Assemblies and other related Bodies concerned, that is, for the General Report, the Report of the General Assembly and the Report of the WIPO Conference, Ms. Sheila Batchelor (Canada); the report of the Coordination Committee, Mr. Leo J. Palma (Philippines); the Report of the Berne Union Assembly, Mr. David Gabunia (Georgia); the Report of the PCT Union Assembly, Mrs. América Néstar Santos Riveras (Cuba); the Report of the Hague Union Assembly, Mr. Alexandru Cristian Strenc (Romania); the Report of the Paris Union Executive Committee, Mr. Gorgi Filipov (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia); the Report of the Berne Union Executive Committee, Mr. Pronab Ranjan Dasgupta (India)


Item 21

Ms. Sheila Batchelor (Canada), Chair of the General Assembly

5. The list of participants appears in document A/33/INF/3.

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