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Equatorial Guinea

Industrial Property Offices

Competent administrationCouncil of Scientific and Tecnological Research
Presidency of the Government

Malabo-Bioko Norte

Telephone(240 9) 3568 / 4535
Telefax(240 9) 2484 (Vice Presidente)
(240 9) 4535
Title and name of headPresidente del CICTE / President of the CICTE / Président du CICTE: Don Anacleto Olo Mibuy
Vice-Presidente del CICTE / Vice President of the CICTE / Vice Président du CICTE: Sr. Crispin Jaime Sangale Rondo
Secretario General del CICTE / Secretary General of the CICTE / Secretaire général du CICTE: Don Cipriano Michá Elá