Webinar Series: Trading Overseas and Protecting Your Intellectual Property Organized by IP Australia and WIPO

February 28, 2023

Are you a small business thinking about expanding overseas?

To protect and promote your business internationally, and to stand out in a crowded global market, strategically managing your trademarks is crucial.  

In this webinar series featuring experts from IP Australia and WIPO, you will learn about the importance of trademarks, options to protect your trademark overseas, as well as how you can use WIPO’s Madrid System for international trademark protection.  

While the webinars are taking the perspective of a local (Australian) SME, they are suitable for any local small business looking to go global. 

The webinar series is part of a long-standing cooperation between IP Australia and WIPO on IP-awareness raising activities.  

Webinar I: Introduction to Filing Trademarks Overseas 
Thursday, March 30 (09:00 a.m.Geneva time, 06.00pm AEDT)

Video on Demand

Webinar II: Practical Webinar on Trademark Registration Overseas 
Thursday, April 20 (10:00 a.m. Geneva time, 06.00pm AEST)