SCIT Circulars 2004

Reference Date of Issue Subject Documents Issued Comments Received
circ2605 14.12.04 Questionnaire on the Harmonization and Identification of the Parts of Patent Specifications (Task 36) Questionnaire: [DOC] AT, DE, EP, ES, GB, IE, JP, KR, LT, MD, NL, RU, SE, SK, UA, US
circ2604 14.12.04 Questionnaire on Correction Procedures in Patent Offices (Task 35) Questionnaire: [DOC] AM, AT, CZ, DE, EP, ES, GB, IE, JP, KR, LT, MD, NL, RO, RU, SE, SK, UA, US
circ2603 08.12.04 ST.60 Task Force    
circ2600 10.09.04 SCIT/SDWG/5 SCIT/SDWG/5/1  
05.08.04 Annual Technical Reports 2003    
circ2595 20.02.04 SDWG Task Force on the Renewal of the WIPO Handbook on Industrial Property Information and Documentation