Online IP study courses in Osaka, Japan

April 27, 2021

Online IP study courses were held by the Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT) from October 1, 2020 to January 15, 2021.

10 participants from Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam participated in these courses supported by Funds-In-Trust (FIT) Japan IP Global.

The focus of these courses was to support the skills and training of IP Managers and Technology Transfer Officers in specific IP management related areas relevant to the institutions receiving benefit from the Enabling Innovation Environment (EIE) Project.

These online courses covered a wide range of topics from IP basics to IP utilization. Through these activities, the participants could learn not only the basic of IP law (Patent, Utility model, design, Trademark and Trade secret, etc.) but also the practical use of IP, such as IP licensing, IP evaluation and IP management. Many positive feedback or comments from the participants were received. It is anticipated that they return and transfer the experiences learned back to their home institution and colleagues in the field of IP-based technology transfer.