Modernizing IP Offices

Japan FIT/IP – Africa & LDCs supports a number of projects, aimed at helping IP offices modernize their infrastructure and working practices. The major strand of modernization projects focuses on digitization.

Bringing systems in IP offices up-to-date increases the efficiency of procedures and improves the experience of everyday users of the IP system.


Modernization projects

Data capture and digitization

Data capture and digitization projects have been implemented to capture data from and digitize IP files such as trademark, industrial design, and patent documents. Projects undertaken include:

  • 2015 - ARIPO, Botswana, Kenya, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe
  • 2014 - Nigeria, OAPI
  • 2013 - Ethiopia, Zimbabwe
  • 2012 - Mauritius

Industrial Property Automation System

IPAS is a workflow-based and highly customizable software system that supports all the major business processes of an IP office. Japan FIT/IP – Africa & LDCs assists with the roll-out of IPAS in national and regional IP offices. An electronic document management system (EDMS) for IPAS was deployed in the following countries:

  • 2016 - Uganda
  • 2014 - Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, and Namibia

IPAS training

Training for IP office employees on IPAS is offered to help them provide fully paperless, digitized services to their users.