Events for Key IP Actors

Japan FIT/IP – Africa & LDCs organizes high-level events to help leverage the intellectual property (IP) system in Africa and LDCs to drive innovation and creativity forward.

Such high-level events can bring together policy-makers–key players in the establishment and development of national IP systems. The events can also help keep law-makers up-to-date with the very latest developments in the field.

For more information about future events, please contact the Regional Bureau for Africa.

African parliamentarians viewing and discussing local produce at a side event
Side event on the promotion of local products at a WIPO conference in Tanzania, 2013 (Photo: Zainul A. Mzige)

Policy dialogue

Major stakeholders – policy-makers; officials from IP offices and international organizations; senior representatives of the business community etc. – come together to discuss IP policies for development in Africa and LDCs.

Developing IP knowledge among law-makers

Law-makers play a key role in the establishment of an IP system. The more they know about how a modern IP system functions, the better they are able to build the constructive partnerships that underpin such systems.