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ClassIndicationBasic No.
packaging design
packaging of goods
paging services [radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication]
  face painting
painting or repair of signs
painting, interior and exterior
palliative care
paper finishing
paper hanging
paper treating
parasol repair
parcel delivery
amusement park services
car parking
parking place rental
providing rebates at participating establishments of others through use of a membership card
negotiation and conclusion of commercial transactions for third parties
  party planning [entertainment]
arranging of passenger transportation services for others via an online application
passenger transport
pasteurising of food and beverages
pasteurizing of food and beverages
legal consultancy relating to patent mapping
scientific and technological research relating to patent mapping
rehabilitation for substance abuse patients
pattern printing
road paving
pay per click advertising
  e-wallet payment services
retirement payment services
financial management of reimbursement payments for others
processing of credit card payments
processing of debit card payments
payroll preparation
business management of sports people
pay per click advertising
presentation of circus performances
presentation of live performances
business management of performing artists
permanent-press treatment of fabrics
missing person investigations
personal background investigations
personal body guarding
personal chef services
personal letter writing
personal trainer services [fitness training]
personal wardrobe styling consultancy
electronic monitoring of personally identifying information to detect identity theft via the internet
personnel management consultancy
personnel recruitment
psychological testing for the selection of personnel
arranging for travel visas and travel documents for persons travelling abroad
pest control services for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry
pest control services, other than for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry
pet grooming
pet sitting
retail services for pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations and medical supplies
wholesale services for pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations and medical supplies
preparation of prescriptions by pharmacists
pharmacy advice
cell phone battery charging services
communications by cellular phones
unlocking of mobile phones
photocomposing services
photocopying services
rental of photocopying machines
photographic apparatus repair
photographic film development
photographic printing
photographic reporting
physical education
physical fitness assessment services for training purposes
physical security consultancy
physical storage of electronically stored data or documents
physical therapy
research in the field of physics
rental of motion pictures
pier breakwater building
body piercing
educational examination for users to qualify to pilot drones
piloting of civilian drones
pipeline construction and maintenance
transport by pipeline
parking place rental
planing of materials
  party planning [entertainment]
planning and arranging of wedding ceremonies
urban planning
plant nursery services
tree planting for carbon offsetting purposes
cultivation of plants
plastic surgery
platform as a service [PaaS]
development of computer platforms