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ClassIndicationBasic No.
absorbent wadding
wadding for filtering
wadding for medical purposes
wadding for padding and stuffing upholstery
edible paper wafers
sealing wafers
wafers for integrated circuits
waffle irons, electric
waffle irons, non-electric
railway wagon lifts
dinner wagons [furniture]
loading gauge rods of metal for railway wagons
loading gauge rods, not of metal, for railway wagons
refrigerated railway wagons
  wah-wah pedals
wainscotting of metal
wainscotting, not of metal
waist trimmer exercise belts
bullet-proof waistcoats
walk-in refrigerators
infant walkers
wheeled walkers to aid mobility
ferrules of metal for walking sticks
  walking cane handles
walking frames for disabled persons
  walking stick handles
walking stick seats
  walking sticks for medical purposes
walking sticks*
moving walkways
adhesives for wall tiles
wall claddings of metal for building
wall claddings, not of metal, for building
wall hangings of textile
  wall hangings, not of textile
wall linings of metal for building
wall linings, not of metal, for building
wall plugs of metal
wall plugs, not of metal
wall tiles of metal
wall tiles, not of metal
wall-mounted baby changing platforms
textile wallcoverings
  downloadable e-wallets
pocket wallets
adhesives for wallpaper
textile wallpaper
wallpaper cleaning preparations
wallpaper removing preparations
porcelain ware
bed warmers
candle warmers, electric and non-electric
leg warmers
plate warmers
pocket warmers
USB-powered hand warmers
warming pans
anti-theft warning apparatus
vehicle breakdown warning triangles
wart pencils
lime wash
wash-hand basins [parts of sanitary installations]
wash-hand bowls [parts of sanitary installations]
high pressure washers
washers for water faucets
washers for water taps
washers of metal
washers of rubber or vulcanized fiber
washers of rubber or vulcanized fibre
animal washes [insecticides]
cattle washes [insecticides]
dog washes [insecticides]
eye-washes, not for medical purposes
insecticidal veterinary washes
medicated eye-washes
vaginal washes for medical purposes
vaginal washes for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes
appliances for washing body cavities
bottle washing machines
car washing mitts
cloth for washing floors
coin-operated washing machines
colour-washing machines
mesh bags for washing laundry
quillaia bark for washing
rotary washing lines
vehicle washing installations
washing apparatus
washing boards
washing coppers
washing installations for vehicles
washing machines [laundry]
washing soda, for cleaning
washing trays [photography]