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ClassIndicationBasic No.
rabbeting planes
motor racing cars
rack and pinion jacks
racket stringing machines
gut for rackets
strings for rackets
bottle racks
drying racks [photography]
drying racks for laundry
fodder racks
galley racks [printing]
gun racks
magazine racks
photographic racks
pipe racks for tobacco pipes
plate racks
  racks [furniture]
radar apparatus
boiler composition to prevent the radiation of heat
compositions to prevent the radiation of heat
radiator caps
radiator flushing chemicals
central heating radiators
  connecting hose for vehicle radiators
humidifiers for central heating radiators
radiators [cooling] for motors and engines
radiators [heating]
radiators, electric
radio pagers
radioactive elements for scientific purposes
radioactive substances for medical purposes
paper for radiograms
radiological apparatus for industrial purposes
radiological apparatus for medical purposes
radiological contrast substances for medical purposes
radiology screens for industrial purposes
radiology screens for medical purposes
vehicle radios
radiotelegraphy sets
radiotelephony sets
radiotherapy apparatus
radium for medical purposes
radium for scientific purposes
radium tubes for medical purposes
life-saving rafts
rags for cleaning
vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail
rail-laying machines
bars for metal railings
railroad constructing machines
railroad ties of metal
railroad ties, not of metal
check rails of metal for railways
curtain rails
electrified rails for mounting spot lights
guard rails of metal for railways
hooks of metal for clothes rails
hooks, not of metal, for clothes rails
rails and rings for towels
rails of metal
towel rails and rings
bogies for railway cars
buffers for railway rolling stock
electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of railway points
flanges for railway wheel tires
flanges for railway wheel tyres
insulators for railway tracks
loading gauge rods of metal for railway wagons
loading gauge rods, not of metal, for railway wagons
materials of metal for funicular railway permanent ways
railway carriages
railway couplings
railway material of metal
railway points
railway sleepers of metal
railway sleepers, not of metal
railway switches
railway traffic safety appliances
railway wagon lifts
refrigerated railway wagons
check rails of metal for railways
guard rails of metal for railways
rolling stock for funicular railways
rolling stock for railways
telpher railways [cable cars]
rakes [hand tools]
rakes for raking machines
sand trap rakes
rakes for raking machines
raking machines
ramie fabric
ramie fiber
ramie fibre
earth rammers [hand tools]