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ClassIndicationBasic No.
cat o' nine tails
stern oars
oat flakes
oat milk
oat-based food
crushed oats
husked oats
objectives [lenses] [optics]
obliterating stamps
observation instruments
obstetric apparatus
obstetric apparatus for cattle
oenological bactericides [chemical preparations for use in wine making]
office furniture
office perforators
office requisites, except furniture
clips for offices
elastic bands for offices
envelope sealing machines for offices
punched card machines for offices
scrapers [erasers] for offices
sealing machines for offices
staples for offices
  floating production storage and offloading [FPSO] units
sensitized plates for offset printing
almond oil
aromatic oil diffusers, other than reed diffusers, electric and non-electric
bergamot oil
bone oil for food
bone oil for industrial purposes
camphor oil for medical purposes
castor oil for industrial purposes
castor oil for medical purposes
coal tar oil
coconut oil for food
cod liver oil
colza oil for food
colza oil for industrial purposes
combustible oil
corn oil for food
cruet sets for oil and vinegar
diesel oil
dill oil for medical purposes
extra virgin olive oil for food
fish oil, not edible
flaxseed oil dietary supplements
flaxseed oil for food
fuel oil
gas oil
gaultheria oil
industrial oil
insulating oil for transformers
jasmine oil
lavender oil
linseed oil dietary supplements
linseed oil for food
lubricating oil
maize oil for food
moistening oil
motor oil
mustard oil for medical purposes
oil burners
oil cake
  oil cement [putty]
oil dispersants
oil drainage containers of metal
oil drainage containers, not of metal
oil lamps
oil of turpentine for degreasing
oil of turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes
oil paints for use in art
oil refining machines
olive oil for food
palm kernel oil for food
palm oil for food
plates for diffusing aromatic oil
pneumatic waste oil drainers
rape oil for food
rape oil for industrial purposes
rose oil
sesame oil for food
soya bean oil for food
soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils
steam/oil separators
sunflower oil for food
sunflower oil for industrial purposes
synthetic materials for absorbing oil
textile oil
transmission oil
  wicks adapted for oil stoves
oil-bleaching chemicals