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ClassIndicationBasic No.
nail art stickers
nail brushes
nail buffers, electric or non-electric
nail care preparations
nail clippers, electric or non-electric
nail drawers [hand tools]
nail extractors, electric
nail extractors, hand-operated
nail files
nail files, electric
  nail glitter
nail lamps
nail nippers
nail polish
nail polish removers
nail pullers, electric
nail pullers, hand-operated
nail punches
nail varnish
nail varnish removers
false nails
horseshoe nails
clips for name badge holders [office requisites]
name badge holders [office requisites]
  name badges [office requisites]
retractable reels for name badge holders [office requisites]
nameplates of metal
nameplates, not of metal
nanites for medical purposes
nanoparticle size analysers
nanoparticle size analyzers
nanopowders for industrial purposes
nanorobots for medical purposes
coal naphtha
napkin rings
table napkin holders
sanitary napkins
table napkins of paper
table napkins of textile
babies' nappies
swim nappies, disposable, for babies
  swim nappies, reusable, for babies
  nappy changing mats, disposable, for babies
nappy disposal bins
babies' nappy-pants
nasal aspirators
flowers, natural
ice, natural or artificial
life-saving capsules for natural disasters
natural resins, raw
natural sweeteners
sausage casings, natural or artificial
turf, natural
wreaths of natural flowers
anti-nausea wristbands
nautical apparatus and instruments
naval signalling apparatus
navigation apparatus for vehicles [on-board computers]
navigational instruments
satellite navigational apparatus
neck gaiters
neck tube scarves
necklaces [jewellery]
necklaces [jewelry]
fruit nectars, non-alcoholic
needle cases
needle cushions
needle files
acupuncture needles
apparatus for changing record player needles
binding needles
boxes for needles
crochet needles
darning needles
embroidery needles
engraving needles
etching needles
knitting needles
needles for medical purposes
needles for pumps for inflating balls for games
needles for record players
needles for surveying compasses
needles for wool combing machines
saddlers' needles
sewing needles
shoemakers' needles
suture needles
tattoo needles
tracing needles for drawing purposes
neon signs