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ClassIndicationBasic No.
labellers [machines]
hand labelling appliances
labels of leather
labels of metal
  labels of paper or cardboard
labels of plastic
labels of textile
temperature indicator labels for medical purposes
temperature indicator labels, not for medical purposes
chemical preparations for analyses in laboratories, other than for medical or veterinary purposes
chemical substances for analyses in laboratories, other than for medical or veterinary purposes
clothing especially made for laboratories
furniture especially made for laboratories
ventilation hoods for laboratories
laboratory burners
laboratory centrifuges
laboratory lamps
laboratory pipettes
laboratory robots
laboratory trays
stills for laboratory experiments
lace boots
lace for edgings
lace making machines
lace trimmings
shoe laces
woollen laces
dental lacquer
lacquer-removing preparations
bronzing lacquers
thinners for lacquers
lacteal flour for babies
lactic acid
  lactic acid drinks
lactose [raw material]
lactose for industrial purposes
lactose for pharmaceutical purposes
lactose for the food industry
ladder tapes for venetian blinds
ladder tapes or webbing for venetian blinds
ladders of metal
ladders of wood or plastics
rope ladders
ladle carriages
ladle cars
foundry ladles [hand tools]
ladles [hand tools]
ladles for serving wine
  serving ladles
document laminators for office use
lamp black [pigment]
lamp black for industrial purposes
lamp casings
lamp chimneys
lamp glasses
lamp globes
lamp mantles
lamp reflectors
lamp shades
lamp wicks
lamp-glass brushes
arc lamps
burners for lamps
carbon for arc lamps
curing lamps for medical purposes
curing lamps, not for medical purposes
curling lamps
darkroom lamps [photography]
electric lamps
filaments for electric lamps
floor lamps
gas lamps
germicidal lamps for purifying air
globes for lamps
laboratory lamps
lamps for medical purposes
miners' lamps
nail lamps
oil lamps
optical lamps
quartz lamps for medical purposes
safety lamps
soldering lamps
standard lamps
street lamps
ultraviolet ray lamps for medical purposes
ultraviolet ray lamps, not for medical purposes
lampshade holders
thermic lances [machines]
clutches for land vehicles
connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines
couplings for land vehicles
crankcases for land vehicle components, other than for engines