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ClassIndicationBasic No.
gabardines [clothing]
gaiter straps
neck gaiters
galena [ore]
galena crystals [detectors]
basic gallate of bismuth
galley racks [printing]
gallic acid for pharmaceutical purposes
gallic acid for the manufacture of ink
gallotannic acid
galvanic batteries
galvanic belts for medical purposes
galvanic cells
galvanic therapeutic appliances
salts for galvanic batteries
salts for galvanic cells
baths for galvanizing
galvanizing baths
galvanizing machines
galvanizing preparations
chips for gambling
gaming machines for gambling
gamboge for medical purposes
gamboge for painting
arcade video game machines
computer game software, downloadable
computer game software, recorded
controllers for game consoles
game bags [hunting accessories]
game, not live
hunting game calls
memory cards for video game machines
video game cartridges
video game consoles
  video game machines
apparatus for games
backgammon games
balls for games
bats for games
bladders of balls for games
board games
building games
chess games
counters [discs] for games
gloves for games
hand-held consoles for playing video games
horseshoe games
inflatable games for swimming pools
joysticks for video games
marbles for games
needles for pumps for inflating balls for games
parlor games
parlour games
portable games and toys incorporating telecommunication functions
portable games with liquid crystal displays
protective films adapted for screens for portable games
ring games
scratch cards for playing lottery games
trading cards for games
gaming machines for gambling
garbage bags of paper or of plastics
garbage cans
garbage disposal units
garbage trucks
garden herbs, fresh
garden herbs, preserved [seasonings]
garden tools, hand-operated
gardening gloves
artificial Christmas garlands
artificial Christmas garlands incorporating lights
artificial garlands
garlic presses [kitchen utensils]
garlic, fresh
minced garlic [condiment]
preserved garlic
  roller tubes for peeling garlic
garment bags for travel
garment covers [storage]
  compression garments
garments for protection against fire
choucroute garnie
bottles [metal containers] for compressed gas or liquid air
brackets for gas burners
containers of metal for compressed gas or liquid air
friction lighters for igniting gas
fuel gas
gas boilers
gas burners
gas condensers, other than parts of machines
gas containers for cigar lighters
gas for lighting