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ClassIndicationBasic No.
dairy machines
  damp-proofing chemicals, except paints, for masonry
dampers [heating]
dampers for musical instruments
pharmaceutical preparations for treating dandruff
Danish pastries
carriers for dark plates [photography]
darkroom lamps [photography]
darkrooms [photography]
darning lasts
darning machines
darning needles
darning thread and yarn
dashboard mats adapted for holding mobile telephones and smartphones
dashpot plungers [parts of machines]
data gloves
data processing apparatus
magnetic data media
optical data media
data sets, recorded or downloadable
davits for boats
anti-dazzle devices for vehicles [lamp fittings]
  anti-dazzle devices for vehicles*
anti-dazzle films for windows [tinted films]
dulce de leche
eau de Cologne
de-aerators for feedwater
apparatus for the treatment of deafness
decanter tags
casks of wood for decanting wine
implements for decanting liquids [hand tools]
chemical preparations for decarbonising engines
engine-decarbonising chemicals
deck chairs
decoctions for pharmaceutical purposes
decolorants for industrial purposes
decompression chambers
cake decorating tips and tubes
confectionery for decorating Christmas trees
stencils for decorating food and beverages
bead curtains for decoration
fairy lights for festive decoration
flowers, dried, for decoration
heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles [haberdashery]
plants, dried, for decoration
powdered glass for decoration
string lights for festive decoration
candy decorations for cakes
chocolate decorations for cakes
decorations of plastic for foodstuffs
decorative articles for the hair
decorative glass spheres
decorative magnets
decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes
decoys for hunting or fishing
deep fryers, electric
deep fryers, non-electric
defrosters for vehicles
heating apparatus for defrosting vehicle windows
degreasers [machines]
degreasers, other than for use in manufacturing processes
  degreasing preparations for use in manufacturing processes
oil of turpentine for degreasing
turpentine for degreasing
degumming preparations
apparatus for dehydrating food waste
dehydrating preparations for industrial purposes
food dehydrators, electric
delivery drones
delivery tricycles
implantable subcutaneous drug delivery devices
demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic tapes
capsules made of dendrimer-based polymers, for pharmaceuticals
dendrimer-based polymers for use in the manufacture of capsules for pharmaceuticals
dental abrasives
dental amalgams
dental amalgams of gold
dental apparatus and instruments
dental apparatus, electric
dental bleaching gels
dental burs
dental cements
dental impression materials
dental lacquer
dental mastics
dental ovens
dental tray covers of paper
porcelain for dental prostheses
medicated dentifrices
mirrors for dentists
molding wax for dentists
moulding wax for dentists
dentists' armchairs
denture polishes
adhesives for dentures
preparations for cleaning dentures
deodorant soap
deodorants for clothing and textiles
deodorants for human beings or for animals
deodorants for pets
deodorants, other than for human beings or for animals
deodorisers for litter trays
air deodorising apparatus
air deodorising preparations
deodorising apparatus for personal use
deodorising apparatus, not for personal use
deodorizers for litter trays
air deodorizing apparatus
air deodorizing preparations
deodorizing apparatus for personal use
deodorizing apparatus, not for personal use
depilation appliances, electric and non-electric
depilatory preparations
depilatory wax
tongue depressors for medical purposes
marine depth finders
benzene derivatives
cellulose derivatives [chemicals]
injectable dermal fillers
desalination plants
descaling preparations for household purposes
descaling preparations, other than for household purposes
coconut, desiccated
desiccating apparatus
bags especially designed for skis
bags especially designed for surfboards
embroidery designs [patterns]
desk mats
lap desks
portable desks
standing desks
typing desks
writing desks
desktop cabinets for stationery [office requisites]
apparatus for destroying plant parasites, hand-operated
fly destroying preparations
preparations for destroying dry rot fungus
preparations for destroying mice
preparations for destroying noxious animals
preparations for destroying noxious plants
vermin destroying preparations
detachable collars
counterfeit coin detectors
infrared detectors
metal detectors for industrial or military purposes
smoke detectors
cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning
detergent additives to gasoline
detergent additives to petrol
detergent tablets for coffee machines
detergents for medical purposes
detergents for use in manufacturing processes
  detergents, other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes
detonating caps [toys]
detonating caps, other than toys
detonating fuses for explosives
detonating plugs
photographic developers
dextrin [size]
diabetic bread adapted for medical use
diabetic monitoring apparatus
  chemical preparations for the diagnosis of pregnancy
diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes
diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes
diagnostic biomarker reagents for medical purposes
diagnostic preparations for medical purposes
diagnostic preparations for veterinary purposes
diagnostic preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes
diagnostic strips for testing breast milk for medical purposes
diagnostic strips for testing breast milk, other than for medical or veterinary use
dials [clock- and watchmaking]
diamantine [abrasive]
glaziers' diamonds [parts of hand tools]
glaziers' diamonds [parts of machines]
diaper changing cloths for babies
  diaper changing mats, disposable, for babies
diaper disposal pails
babies' diaper-pants
diapered linen
babies' diapers
cloth bags specially adapted for the storage of diapers
diapers for incontinence
diapers for pets
swim diapers, disposable, for babies
  swim diapers, reusable, for babies
diaphragms [acoustics]
diaphragms [photography]
diaphragms for scientific apparatus
pump diaphragms
diastase for industrial purposes
diastase for medical purposes
diatomaceous earth
diazo paper
cups for dice
dictating machines
hand-held electronic dictionaries
die-cutting and tapping machines
die-stamping machines
dielectrics [insulators]
dies [hand tools]
diesel oil
glow plugs for Diesel engines
acai powder dietary supplements
albumin dietary supplements
alginate dietary supplements
casein dietary supplements
dietary fiber
dietary fibre
dietary supplements for animals
  dietary supplements with a cosmetic effect
enzyme dietary supplements
flaxseed dietary supplements
flaxseed oil dietary supplements
glucose dietary supplements
lecithin dietary supplements
linseed dietary supplements
linseed oil dietary supplements
pollen dietary supplements
propolis dietary supplements
protein dietary supplements
royal jelly dietary supplements
wheat germ dietary supplements
yeast dietary supplements
dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes
  dietetic foods adapted for medical purposes
dietetic substances adapted for medical use
diffraction apparatus [microscopy]
  air fragrance reed diffusers
aromatic oil diffusers, other than reed diffusers, electric and non-electric
light diffusers
  plug-in diffusers for mosquito repellents
plates for diffusing aromatic oil
organic digestate [fertiliser]
organic digestate [fertilizer]
digestifs [liqueurs and spirits]
digestives for pharmaceutical purposes
diggers [hand tools]
diggers [machines]
climate control digital thermostats
covers for personal digital assistants [PDAs]
digital photo frames
digital signs
digital weather stations
personal digital assistants [PDAs]
dill oil for medical purposes
light dimmers [regulators], electric
dining carriages
dining cars
dinner wagons [furniture]
light-emitting diodes [LED]
light-emitting diodes [LED] lighting apparatus
organic light-emitting diodes [OLED]
quantum dot light-emitting diodes [QLED]
potassium dioxalate
manganese dioxide
titanium dioxide [pigment]
titanium dioxide for industrial purposes
  animal signalling rattles for directing livestock
wind socks for indicating wind direction
directional compasses
  directional lights for bicycles
light bulbs for directional signals for vehicles
dirigible balloons
walking frames for disabled persons
life-saving capsules for natural disasters
compact disc players
discharge tubes, electric, for lighting
discharge tubes, electric, other than for lighting
electric discharge tubes, other than for lighting
brake discs for vehicles
cleaning apparatus for sound recording discs
compact discs [audio-video]
compact discs [read-only memory]
flying discs [toys]
optical discs
sound recording discs
discuses for sports
chemical preparations for treating diseases affecting cereal plants
  chemical preparations for treating diseases affecting vine plants
chemical preparations to prevent diseases affecting cereal plants
chemical preparations to prevent diseases affecting vine plants
disengaging gear for boats
butter-dish covers
cheese-dish covers
dish covers
dish towels
butter dishes
covers for dishes
dishes for soap
fitted picnic baskets, including dishes
freeze-dried dishes with the main ingredient being pasta
freeze-dried dishes with the main ingredient being rice
lyophilised dishes with the main ingredient being pasta
lyophilised dishes with the main ingredient being rice
lyophilized dishes with the main ingredient being pasta
lyophilized dishes with the main ingredient being rice
Petri dishes
vegetable dishes
dishwashing brushes
drying agents for dishwashing machines
disinfectant apparatus
disinfectant apparatus for medical purposes
disinfectant soap
disinfectant apparatus for dispensing solutions into water-pipes for sanitary installations
disinfectants for chemical toilets
disinfectants for hygiene purposes
vacuum cleaner attachments for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants
disk drives for computers
disks, magnetic
floppy disks
adhesive tape dispensers [machines]
adhesive tape dispensers [office requisites]
aerosol dispensers for medical purposes
dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, not of metal
dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, of metal
dosage dispensers
soap dispensers
ticket dispensers
toilet paper dispensers
towel dispensers, fixed, not of metal
towel dispensers, fixed, of metal
towel dispensers, not of metal, fixed
  boxes for dispensing paper towels
fuel dispensing pumps for service stations
heating and cooling apparatus for dispensing hot and cold beverages
hydrogen dispensing pumps for service stations
oil dispersants
petroleum dispersants
dispersions of plastics
display boards
display stands
heated display cabinets
newspaper display stands
refrigerating display cabinets
wearable video display monitors
electronic numeric displays
  jewellery organizer displays
  jewelry organizer displays
portable games with liquid crystal displays
  diaper changing mats, disposable, for babies
  disposable aluminium foil containers for household purposes
  disposable aluminum foil containers for household purposes
disposable table plates
  nappy changing mats, disposable, for babies
swim diapers, disposable, for babies
swim nappies, disposable, for babies
disposable absorbent mats for lining pet crates
disposable absorbent pads for lining pet crates
disposable house training pads for pets
disposable housebreaking pads for pets
disposable steam-heated masks for therapeutic purposes
disposable steam-heated masks, not for medical purposes
disposable steam-heated patches for therapeutic purposes
diaper disposal pails
garbage disposal units
nappy disposal bins
plastic bags for pet waste disposal
waste disposal units
vacuum cleaner attachments for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants
apparatus for recording distance
distance measuring apparatus
distance recording apparatus
igniting apparatus, electric, for igniting at a distance
distillation apparatus for scientific purposes
distillation apparatus*
distillation columns
preparations of the distillation of wood alcohol
refining towers for distillation
residue in a still after distillation
distilled beverages
distilled water
grain-based distilled alcoholic beverages
distillery waste for animal consumption
malt for brewing and distilling
distribution boards [electricity]
distribution boxes [electricity]
distribution consoles [electricity]
water distribution installations
carbon disulfide
ditchers [hand tools]
ditchers [ploughs]
ear plugs for divers
gloves for divers
  nose clips for divers and swimmers
weight belts for divers
divers' masks
dividing machines
rods for water diviners
diving bells
diving boards of metal
diving boards, not of metal
diving lights
  diving suits
flippers for diving
divot repair tools [golf accessories]
DNA chips
dock bumpers of rubber
floating docks of metal, for mooring boats
floating docks, not of metal, for mooring boats
document files [stationery]
document holders [stationery]
document laminators for office use
inking sheets for document reproducing machines
dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, not of metal
dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, of metal
dog biscuits
dog kennels
dog washes [insecticides]
dog whistles
hot dog sandwiches
hot dog sausages
corn dogs
repellents for dogs
love dolls [sex dolls]
matryoshka dolls
dolls' beds
dolls' clothes
dolls' feeding bottles
dolls' houses
dolls' rooms
dolomite for industrial purposes
fireplaces, domestic
rolling pins, domestic
door bells of metal, non-electric
door bells, not of metal, non-electric
door bolts of metal
door bolts, not of metal
door casings of metal
door casings, not of metal
door closers of metal, non-electric
door closers, electric
door closers, hydraulic
door closers, not of metal, non-electric
door closers, pneumatic
door curtains
door fasteners of metal
door fasteners, not of metal
door fittings of metal
door fittings, not of metal
door frames of metal
door frames, not of metal
door handles of metal
door handles, not of metal
door knockers of metal
door knockers, not of metal
door mats
door openers of metal, non-electric
door openers, electric
door openers, hydraulic
door openers, not of metal, non-electric
door openers, pneumatic
door panels of metal
door panels, not of metal
door scrapers
door springs of metal, non-electric
door springs, not of metal, non-electric
door stops of metal
door stops of rubber
door stops, not of metal or rubber
electric door bells
accordion doors of metal
accordion doors, not of metal
armored doors of metal
armored doors, not of metal
armoured doors of metal
armoured doors, not of metal
doors for furniture
doors for vehicles
doors of metal*
doors, not of metal*
electronic access control systems for interlocking doors
folding doors of metal
folding doors, not of metal
ironwork for doors
peepholes [magnifying lenses] for doors
runners of metal for sliding doors
runners, not of metal, for sliding doors
swing doors of metal
swing doors, not of metal
dosage dispensers
quantum dot light-emitting diodes [QLED]
double basses
double eyelid tapes
douche bags
douching preparations for medical purposes
douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes [toiletries]
cake dough
pastry dough
toy dough
dowels, not of metal
shoe dowels of metal
shoe dowels, not of metal
down [feathers]
computer game software, downloadable
computer programs, downloadable
computer screen saver software, recorded or downloadable
computer software applications, downloadable
computer software platforms, recorded or downloadable
downloadable cryptographic keys for receiving and spending crypto assets
  downloadable e-wallets
downloadable emoticons for mobile phones
downloadable graphics for mobile phones
downloadable image files
downloadable music files
downloadable ring tones for mobile phones
  electronic publications, downloadable
electronic sheet music, downloadable
downloadable computer software for managing cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain technology
drafting tables
drain cocks
drain pipes of metal
drain pipes, not of metal
drain traps [valves] of metal
drain traps [valves] of plastic
drain traps [valves], not of metal or plastic
preparations for unblocking drain pipes
drainage machines
drainage tubes for medical purposes
oil drainage containers of metal
oil drainage containers, not of metal
drainers for use in photography
pneumatic waste oil drainers
plungers for clearing blocked drains
surgical drapes
draught excluder strips
draughts [games]
draw wires [hand tools]
draw-sheets for sick beds
drawer liners of paper, perfumed or not
drawer organizers
bathing drawers
chests of drawers
drawers for furniture
nail drawers [hand tools]
apparatus for drawing up beer under pressure
compasses for drawing
curtain drawing devices, electrically operated
drawing boards
drawing instruments
drawing knives
drawing materials
drawing pads
drawing pens
drawing pins
drawing rulers
drawing sets
metal drawing machines
square rulers for drawing
squares for drawing
T-squares for drawing
writing or drawing books
drawn and polished metal bars
dredgers [boats]
dress body fasteners
dress guards for bicycles
dress shields
kitchen dressers [furniture]
jumper dresses
pinafore dresses
apparatus for dressing
bate for dressing skins
dressing gowns
dressing tables
dressing, except oils, for skins
humus top dressing
leather-dressing chemicals
  bandages for dressings
dressings for salad
dressings, medical
gauze for dressings
surgical dressings
dressings for nail reconstruction
dressmakers' dummies
dressmakers' measures
freeze-dried dishes with the main ingredient being pasta
freeze-dried dishes with the main ingredient being rice
freeze-dried fishing bait
freeze-dried food adapted for medical purposes
freeze-dried meat
freeze-dried meat adapted for medical purposes
freeze-dried vegetables
  antistatic drier sheets
air driers
hair driers
laundry driers, electric
spin driers [not heated]
drill chucks [parts of machines]
drill holders [hand tools]
additives, chemical, to drilling muds
chemical additives to drilling muds
drilling bits [parts of machines]
drilling heads [parts of machines]
drilling machines
drilling muds
drilling rigs, floating or non-floating
breast drills
electric hand drills
hand drills, hand-operated
drinking bottles for sports
drinking glasses
drinking horns
drinking straws
drinking troughs
drinking vessels
filters for drinking water
machines for the mineralisation of drinking water
machines for the mineralization of drinking water
straws for drinking
aloe vera drinks, non-alcoholic
energy drinks
  lactic acid drinks
medicinal drinks
soft drinks
candle drip rings
drip irrigation emitters [irrigation fittings]
dripping pans
drive chains for land vehicles
wind-driven bird-repelling devices made of metal
driverless cars [autonomous cars]
disk drives for computers
pedal drives for sewing machines
USB flash drives
driving motors for land vehicles
driving motors, other than for land vehicles
self-driving cars
driving gloves
  camera drones
civilian drones
delivery drones
drones [toys]
military drones
  photography drones
  drop cloths
dropper bottles for medical purposes
droppers for cosmetic purposes
droppers for household purposes
  droppers for measuring, other than for medical or household purposes
  droppers for medical purposes
implantable subcutaneous drug delivery devices
drug-coated stents for thrombosis
drugs for medical purposes
drum machines
drums [musical instruments]
drums [parts of machines]
robotic drums
skins for drums
dry ice [carbon dioxide]
dry shampoos*
medicated dry shampoos
preparations for destroying dry rot fungus
dry-cleaning preparations
  antistatic dryer sheets
air dryers
hair dryers
laundry dryers, electric
spin dryers [not heated]
drying agents for dishwashing machines
  drying apparatus
drying apparatus and installations
drying apparatus for fodder and forage
drying apparatus for photographic prints
drying racks [photography]
drying racks for laundry
forage drying apparatus
hand drying apparatus for washrooms
duck confits
duckboards of metal
duckboards, not of metal
duct tapes
ducts [electricity]
ducts and pipes of metal for central heating installations
ducts of metal for ventilating and air-conditioning installations
ducts of metal, for central heating installations
ducts, not of metal, for ventilating and air-conditioning installations
dulce de leche
  baby feeding dummies
clips for dummies
crash test dummies
dressmakers' dummies
dummies for babies
tailors' dummies
flour-based dumplings
potato-based dumplings
inking sheets for duplicators
coal dust [fuel]
dust absorbing compositions
dust binding compositions for sweeping
dust exhausting installations for cleaning purposes
dust laying compositions
dust removing installations for cleaning purposes
dust removing preparations
  dust sheets
dust masks incorporating air purification
furniture dusters
knuckle dusters
dusting apparatus, non-electric
dusting cloths [rags]
DVD players
dyeing machines
paper for dyeing Easter eggs
alizarine dyes
aniline dyes
beard dyes
cosmetic dyes
food dyes
hair dyes
shoe dyes
wood dyestuffs
dyewood extracts
electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of railway points
electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals
dynamo belts
dynamo brushes
bicycle dynamos