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ClassIndicationBasic No.
cabanas of metal
cabanas, not of metal
cabarets [trays]
cabbage rolls stuffed with meat
  cabinet work
cabinets for loudspeakers
desktop cabinets for stationery [office requisites]
filing cabinets
heated display cabinets
index cabinets [furniture]
medicine cabinets
refrigerating cabinets
refrigerating display cabinets
shelves for file cabinets
Turkish bath cabinets, portable
cable cars
cable joints of metal, non-electric
cable linkages of metal, non-electric
cable transport apparatus and installations
cars for cable transport installations
binding screws of metal for cables
binding screws, not of metal, for cables
cables of metal, non-electric
cables, electric
cables, not of metal
clips of metal for cables and pipes
clips, not of metal, for cables and pipes
coaxial cables
control cables for machines, engines or motors
fiber optic cables
fibre optic cables
insulators for cables
junction sleeves for electric cables
sheaths for electric cables
starter cables for motors
telpher cables
cachets for pharmaceutical purposes
cachou for pharmaceutical purposes
tea caddies
roll cage trolleys
cages for household pets
  metal cages for wild animals
caissons [vehicles]
caissons for construction work under water
cake batter
cake decorating tips and tubes
cake dough
cake flavorings [essential oils]
cake flavourings [essential oils]
cake frosting [icing]
cake molds
cake moulds
cake powder
cattle cake
maize cake for cattle
oil cake
peanut cake for animals
pounded rice cake making machines, electric, for household purposes
rape cake for cattle
cakes of soap
cakes of toilet soap
candy decorations for cakes
chocolate decorations for cakes
flavorings, other than essential oils, for cakes
flavourings, other than essential oils, for cakes
rice cakes
calcareous marl
calcareous stone
calcined soda
calcium carbide
calcium cyanamide [fertiliser]
calcium cyanamide [fertilizer]
calcium salts
calculating machines
calculating tables
stands for calculating machines
pocket calculators
calibrating rings
printed calico cloth
slide calipers
papers for painting and calligraphy
preparations for callouses
hunting game calls
calomel [fungicide]
calomel [mercurous chloride]
camel hair
  camera drones
cameras [photography]
cinematographic cameras