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ClassIndicationBasic No.
anti-roll cushions for babies
bath seats for babies
  cots for babies
  cribs for babies
diaper changing cloths for babies
  diaper changing mats, disposable, for babies
dummies for babies
  food for babies
gum massagers for babies
head positioning pillows for babies
head support cushions for babies
high chairs for babies
incubators for babies
inflatable bath tubs for babies
lacteal flour for babies
  nappy changing mats, disposable, for babies
pacifiers for babies
playpens for babies
powdered milk for babies
  sleeping bags for babies
swim diapers, disposable, for babies
  swim diapers, reusable, for babies
swim nappies, disposable, for babies
  swim nappies, reusable, for babies
table knives, forks and spoons for babies
babies' bottles
babies' diaper-pants
babies' diapers
babies' nappies
babies' nappy-pants
babies' pants [underwear]
baby baths, portable
baby buntings
baby carriages
  baby feeding dummies
  baby feeding pacifiers
baby gyms
baby monitors
baby scales
baby wipes impregnated with cleaning preparations
fitted footmuffs for baby carriages
pouch baby carriers
stands for portable baby baths
video baby monitors
wall-mounted baby changing platforms
backgammon games
backpacks for carrying infants
curtain tie-backs
incubators for bacteria culture
bacterial poisons
bacterial preparations for medical and veterinary use
bacterial preparations, other than for medical and veterinary use
bactericidal paints
oenological bactericides [chemical preparations for use in wine making]
  bacteriological culture mediums
bacteriological preparations for acetification
bacteriological preparations for medical and veterinary use
bacteriological preparations, other than for medical and veterinary use
  bouillons for bacteriological cultures
  media for bacteriological cultures
clips for name badge holders [office requisites]
name badge holders [office requisites]
retractable reels for name badge holders [office requisites]
badges for wear, not of precious metal
badges of metal for vehicles
badges of precious metal
  name badges [office requisites]
ornamental novelty badges [buttons]
badian essence
bag hangers of metal
bag hangers, not of metal
golf bag carts
  golf bag tags
golf bag trolleys
sleeping bag liners
tea bag rests
agglomerated bagasses of cane [building material]
bagasses of cane [raw material]
baggage claim check tags of paper
baggage tags
air bags [safety devices for automobiles]
bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather, for packaging
bags [envelopes, pouches] of paper or plastics, for packaging
bags [envelopes, pouches] of rubber, for packaging
bags [envelopes, pouches] of textile, for packaging
bags adapted for laptops
bags adapted for pushchairs
bags adapted for strollers
bags especially designed for skis
bags especially designed for surfboards
bags for campers
bags for climbers
bags for microwave cooking
bags for sports*
beach bags
bivouac sacks being covers for sleeping bags
body bags
clips of metal for sealing bags
clips of plastic for sealing bags
cloth bags specially adapted for the storage of diapers
conical paper bags
cooking mesh bags, other than for microwaves
cricket bags
dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, not of metal
dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, of metal
douche bags
game bags [hunting accessories]
garbage bags of paper or of plastics
garment bags for travel
golf bags, with or without wheels
grips for holding shopping bags
ice bags for medical purposes
isothermic bags
laundry bags
locks of metal for bags
mail bags
mesh bags for washing laundry
net bags for shopping
nose bags [feed bags]
paper bags for use in the sterilisation of medical instruments
paper bags for use in the sterilization of medical instruments
pastry bags
piping bags
plastic bags for pet waste disposal
punching bags
reusable shopping bags
school bags
  sleeping bags
  sleeping bags for babies
sling bags for carrying infants
tool bags, empty
travelling bags
vacuum cleaner bags
water bags for medical purposes
wheeled shopping bags
zip fasteners for bags
zippers for bags
  artificial fishing bait
fishing bait, live
freeze-dried fishing bait
fermented baked milk
bakers' bread baskets
bakers' ovens
baking cases of paper
baking cases of silicone
baking mats
baking powder
baking soda [bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes]
bread baking machines
baking paper
balalaikas [stringed musical instruments]
balance weights for vehicle wheels
balances [steelyards]
precision balances
balancing apparatus
self-balancing boards
self-balancing electric unicycles
self-balancing scooters
ball pitching machines
ball rings for bearings
tennis ball throwing apparatus
ball-jointed dolls [BJD]
balls for ball-point pens
clinker ballast
lighting ballasts
balling guns
ballistic missiles
ballistic weapons
dirigible balloons
fabric, impervious to gases, for aeronautical balloons
hot air balloons
meteorological balloons
party balloons
balls for ball-point pens
balls for games
balls for playing bowls
balls of steel
billiard balls
bladders of balls for games
bowling balls
needles for pumps for inflating balls for games
pumps specially adapted for use with balls for games
tea balls
balms for medical purposes
balms, other than for medical purposes
Canada balsam
gurjun balsam for medical purposes
gurjun balsam for use in the manufacture of varnish
balsamic preparations for medical purposes
balustrades of metal
balustrades, not of metal
bamboo curtains
bamboo flutes
bamboo, unworked or semi-worked
metal band stretchers [hand tools]
adhesive preparations for surgical bandages
  bandages for dressings
bandages, elastic
hernia bandages
knee bandages, orthopaedic
knee bandages, orthopedic
orthopaedic bandages for joints
orthopedic bandages for joints
plaster bandages for orthopaedic purposes
plaster bandages for orthopedic purposes
support bandages
suspensory bandages
bandanas [neckerchiefs]
glutinous preparations for tree-banding
glutinous tree-banding preparations
bandoliers for weapons
acupressure bands
adhesive bands for pulleys
anti-corrosive bands
arm bands [clothing accessories]
bands for wheel hubs
bands of metal for tying-up purposes
cigar bands
elastic bands for offices
expanding bands for holding sleeves
hair bands
hat bands
hemp bands
insulating bands
orthodontic rubber bands
stretchers for iron bands [tension links]
stretchers for metal bands [tension links]
watch bands
wrapping or binding bands of metal
  wrapping or binding bands, not of metal
coin banks
piggy banks
banners of paper
banners of textile or plastic
bar code readers
barbecue mitts
barbecue forks
barbecue tongs
floor mats, fire-resistant, for fireplaces and barbecues
barbed wire
barcode ribbons
barium compounds
barium sulfate
angostura bark for medical purposes
bark coverings for sound insulation
condurango bark for medical purposes
croton bark
mangrove bark for industrial purposes
mangrove bark for pharmaceutical purposes
myrobalan bark for pharmaceutical purposes
quillaia bark for washing
barks for pharmaceutical purposes
raw barks
barley meal
barley wine [beer]
crushed barley
husked barley
barrel hoops of metal
barrel hoops, not of metal
barrel organs
barrels [clock- and watchmaking]
barrels of metal
barrels, not of metal
gun barrels
rifle barrels
hair barrettes
crash barriers of metal for roads
crash barriers, not of metal, for roads
  floating anti-pollution barriers
ambroid bars
bars for metal railings
bathtub grab bars of metal
bathtub grab bars, not of metal
bright steel bars
cereal bars
crow bars
cutter bars [hand tools]
drawn and polished metal bars
high-protein cereal bars
hot-rolled steel bars
latch bars of metal
peeled metal bars
torsion bars for vehicles
baryta paper
baseball gloves
bases [chemical preparations]
bed bases
basic gallate of bismuth
basins [bowls]
basins [receptacles]
basins for medical purposes
wash-hand basins [parts of sanitary installations]
basket presses
bakers' bread baskets
baskets adapted for bicycles
baskets for household purposes
baskets of metal
  baskets, not of metal
bread baskets for household purposes
fishing baskets
fitted picnic baskets, including dishes
Moses baskets
waste paper baskets
basma [cosmetic dye]
basses [musical instruments]
double basses
bulb basters
basting brushes
basting spoons [cooking utensils]
bate for dressing skins
bath fittings
bath installations
bath linen, except clothing
bath mats
bath mitts
bath plumbing fixtures
bath preparations for medical purposes
bath preparations, not for medical purposes
bath robes
bath salts for medical purposes
bath salts, not for medical purposes
bath sandals
bath seats for babies
bath slippers
bath tubs
bath tubs for sitz baths
hot air bath fittings
hydromassage bath apparatus
inflatable bath tubs for babies
sauna bath installations
therapeutic preparations for the bath
Turkish bath cabinets, portable
bath tea for cosmetic purposes
bath tea for therapeutic purposes
bathing caps
bathing drawers
bathing suits
bathing trunks
seawater for medicinal bathing
bathroom scales
bathroom vanities [furniture]
bathroom stools
baby baths, portable
bath tubs for sitz baths
baths for galvanizing
bird baths [structures] of metal
bird baths [structures], not of metal
bird baths*
cosmetic preparations for baths
fixing baths [photography]
galvanizing baths
heaters for baths
microbubble generators for baths
mud for baths
oxygen baths
salts for mineral water baths
spa baths [vessels]
stands for portable baby baths
toning baths [photography]
bathtub grab bars of metal
bathtub grab bars, not of metal
conductors' batons
police batons
twirling batons
bats for games
batter mixes
cake batter
sausages in batter
acidimeters for batteries
acidulated water for recharging batteries
anode batteries
anti-frothing solutions for batteries
batteries for electronic cigarettes
batteries, electric
batteries, electric, for vehicles
galvanic batteries
grids for batteries
high tension batteries
ignition batteries
liquids for removing sulfates from batteries
plates for batteries
salts for galvanic batteries
solar batteries
battery boxes
battery chargers
battery jars
batting gloves [accessories for games]
beach bags
beach clothes
beach shoes
beacons of metal, non-luminous
beacons, luminous
beacons, not of metal, non-luminous
bead curtains for decoration
  beads for making jewellery
  beads for making jewelry
beads, other than for making jewellery
beads, other than for making jewelry
beams of metal
beams, not of metal
bean meal
soya bean oil for food
soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils
beans, fresh
beans, preserved
cocoa beans, raw
locust beans, raw
shaved ice with sweetened red beans
soya beans, fresh
soya beans, preserved, for food
beard clippers
beard dyes
false beards
bearing brackets for machines
anti-friction bearings for machines
ball rings for bearings
bearings [parts of machines]
bearings for transmission shafts
roller bearings
rubber bearings for seismic isolation of buildings
self-oiling bearings
teddy bears
gold, unwrought or beaten
silver, unwrought or beaten
beaters, electric
beaters, non-electric
carpet beaters [hand instruments]
fire beaters
beating machines
beauty masks
bed bases
bed blankets
bed casters of metal
bed casters, not of metal
bed covers
bed covers of paper
bed fittings, not of metal
bed linen
bed pans
bed valances
bed vibrators
bed warmers
bedding, except linen
feathers for bedding
air beds for medical purposes
air beds, not for medical purposes
beds for household pets
beds specially made for medical purposes
dolls' beds
draw-sheets for sick beds
fittings of metal for beds
hospital beds
bedsteads of wood
bee glue*
comb foundations for beehives
sections of wood for beehives
apparatus for drawing up beer under pressure
beer mugs
beer preserving agents
beer pumps
beer vinegar
beer wort
colorants for beer
extracts of hops for making beer
ginger beer
malt beer
mats of paper for beer glasses
beer brewing machines, electric, for household purposes
beer-based cocktails
beer-clarifying and preserving agents
beeswax for use in the manufacture of cosmetics
beet, fresh
bivouac sacks being covers for sleeping bags
bivouac sacks being shelters
caps being headwear
electronic key fobs being remote control apparatus
filters being parts of machines or engines
freeze-dried dishes with the main ingredient being pasta
freeze-dried dishes with the main ingredient being rice
headgear being protective helmets
joysticks being parts of machines, other than for game machines
lyophilised dishes with the main ingredient being pasta
lyophilised dishes with the main ingredient being rice
lyophilized dishes with the main ingredient being pasta
lyophilized dishes with the main ingredient being rice
rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on agricultural machines
  rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on construction machines
rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on loading-unloading machines and apparatus
rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on mining machines
rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on snow ploughs
urinals being sanitary fixtures
urinals being vessels
visors being headwear
water heaters being parts of machines
bellows [parts of machines]
bellows for articulated buses
bellows for musical instruments
fireplace bellows [hand tools]
alarm bells, electric
bells [warning devices]
bells for animals
bells for Christmas trees
bicycle bells
diving bells
door bells of metal, non-electric
door bells, not of metal, non-electric
electric door bells
  hats with bells [musical instruments]
push buttons for bells
signal bells
belt clasps
  belt conveyors
belt stretchers of metal
machine belt fasteners of metal
belting wax
abdominal belts
apparatus for filling cartridge belts
automatic firearm ammunition belts
  belts [clothing]
belts adapted for ammunition
belts for conveyors
belts for machines
belts for medical purposes
belts for motors and engines
belts of metal for handling loads
belts, electric, for medical purposes
belts, not of metal, for handling loads
dynamo belts
elevator belts
fan belts for motors and engines
galvanic belts for medical purposes
grease for belts
hypogastric belts
leather shoulder belts
life belts
lift belts
maternity belts
money belts [clothing]
non-slipping preparations for belts
orthopaedic belts
orthopedic belts
reinforcing materials of metal for machine belts
safety belts for vehicle seats
shoulder belts [straps] of leather
swimming belts
tool belts [holders]
umbilical belts
waist trimmer exercise belts
weight belts for divers
weight lifting belts [sports articles]
bench vices [hand implements]
benches [furniture]
saw benches [furniture]
saw benches [parts of machines]
  vice benches [furniture]
work benches
bending machines
Bengal lights
benzene derivatives
benzene fuel
methyl benzene
benzene-based acids
benzoic acid
benzoic sulfimide
methyl benzol
bergamot oil
berries, fresh
berries, preserved
juniper berries
berry soup
berry-based fool
sleeping berths for vehicles
beryllium [glucinium]
petit-beurre biscuits
beverage cooling apparatus
beverage preparation machines, electromechanical
beverage urns, electric
beverage urns, non-electric
alcoholic beverages containing fruit
alcoholic beverages, except beer
almond milk-based beverages
apparatus for aerating beverages
beverages for pets
chamomile-based beverages
chocolate beverages with milk
chocolate-based beverages
cocoa beverages with milk
cocoa-based beverages
coconut milk-based beverages
coffee beverages with milk
coffee-based beverages
cold packs for chilling food and beverages
colorants for beverages
dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes
distilled beverages
filtering preparations for the beverages industry
flavorings for beverages [essential oils]
flavorings, other than essential oils, for beverages
flavourings for beverages [essential oils]
flavourings, other than essential oils, for beverages
grain-based distilled alcoholic beverages
heat-insulated containers for beverages
heating and cooling apparatus for dispensing hot and cold beverages
isotonic beverages
malted milk beverages for medical purposes
milk beverages, milk predominating
non-alcoholic beverages
non-alcoholic beverages flavored with coffee
non-alcoholic beverages flavored with tea
non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with coffee
non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with tea
non-alcoholic dried fruit beverages
non-alcoholic essences for making beverages
non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages
non-alcoholic honey-based beverages
pastilles for effervescing beverages
peanut milk-based beverages
powders for effervescing beverages
pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, other than beer-based
preparations for making non-alcoholic beverages
protein-enriched sports beverages
rice-based beverages, other than milk substitutes
soya-based beverages, other than milk substitutes
stencils for decorating food and beverages
sugarcane-based alcoholic beverages
syrups for beverages
tea beverages with milk
tea-based beverages
whey beverages
bibimbap [rice mixed with vegetables and beef]
bibs of paper
bibs, not of paper
bibs, sleeved, not of paper
bibs, sleeved, of paper
bicarbonate of soda for chemical purposes
bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes [baking soda]
bicarbonate of soda for pharmaceutical purposes
bichloride of tin
bichromate of potassium
bichromate of soda
bicycle assembling machines
bicycle bells
bicycle brakes
bicycle chains
bicycle cranks
bicycle dynamos
bicycle frames
bicycle handlebars
bicycle kickstands
bicycle lights
bicycle motors
bicycle mudguards
bicycle parking installations of metal
bicycle parking installations, not of metal
bicycle pedals
bicycle saddles
bicycle tires
  bicycle trailers
bicycle tyres
bicycle wheel hubs
bicycle wheel rims
bicycle wheel spokes
bicycle wheels
hubs for bicycle wheels
inner tubes for bicycle tires
inner tubes for bicycle tyres
pumps for bicycle tires
pumps for bicycle tyres
rims for bicycle wheels
spokes for bicycle wheels
baskets adapted for bicycles
  directional lights for bicycles
dress guards for bicycles
electric bicycles
gears for bicycles
panniers adapted for bicycles
rollers for stationary exercise bicycles
saddle covers for bicycles
saddlebags adapted for bicycles
stationary exercise bicycles
trailers for transporting bicycles
tubeless tires for bicycles
tubeless tyres for bicycles
billiard balls
billiard cloth
billiard cue tips
billiard cues
billiard markers
billiard table cushions
billiard tables
chalk for billiard cues
coin-operated billiard tables
adhesives for billposting
loose-leaf binders
reapers and binders
ring binders
sheaf binders of metal
binding agents for ice cream
binding agents for making briquettes
binding agents for making stones
binding apparatus for hay
binding material for road repair
binding needles
binding preparations for paints
binding screws of metal for cables
binding screws, not of metal, for cables
binding strips [bookbinding]
binding thread of metal for agricultural purposes
binding thread, not of metal, for agricultural purposes
dust binding compositions for sweeping
foundry binding substances
sausage binding materials
sheaf-binding machines
sheaf-binding yarns
thread, not of metal, for wrapping or binding
wrapping or binding bands of metal
  wrapping or binding bands, not of metal
bindings of metal
bindings, not of metal
ski bindings
bingo cards
bins of metal
bins, not of metal
bread bins
nappy disposal bins
refuse bins
biochemical catalysts
biodegradable bone fixation implants
biological preparations for medical purposes
biological preparations for veterinary purposes
biological preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes
biological samples for use in microscopy [teaching materials]
biological tissue cultures for medical purposes
biological tissue cultures for veterinary purposes
biological tissue cultures, other than for medical or veterinary purposes
biomagnetic rings for therapeutic or medical purposes
diagnostic biomarker reagents for medical purposes
biomass fuel
biometric identity cards
biometric locks
biometric passports
bioreactors for cell culturing for scientific research
bioreactors for laboratory use
bioreactors for use in manufacturing biopharmaceuticals
bioreactors for use in the treatment of waste
bioreactors for use in the treatment of wastewater
biostimulants for plants
  birch sauna whisks
bird baths [structures] of metal
bird baths [structures], not of metal
bird baths*
bird food
wind-driven bird-repelling devices made of metal
cuttle bone for birds
rings for birds
stuffed birds
birds' feathers [clothing accessories]
  edible birds' nests
dog biscuits
malt biscuits
petit-beurre biscuits
basic gallate of bismuth
bismuth preparations for pharmaceutical purposes
bismuth subnitrate for chemical purposes
bismuth subnitrate for pharmaceutical purposes
bite indicators [fishing tackle]
bite sensors [fishing tackle]
bits [hand tools]
bits [parts of hand tools]
bits for animals [harness]
drilling bits [parts of machines]
hollowing bits [parts of hand tools]
bitumen making machines
bitumen paper for building
bitumen varnish
bituminous coatings for roofing
bituminous products for building
bivouac sacks being covers for sleeping bags
bivouac sacks being shelters
black boxes [data recorders]
black japan
black pudding
carbon black [pigment]
carbon black for industrial purposes
lamp black [pigment]
lamp black for industrial purposes
bladders of balls for games
blade holders [parts of machines]
blade sharpening [stropping] machines
blade sharpening instruments
blades [hand tools]
blades [parts of machines]
blades [weapons]
blades for planes
chaff cutter blades
razor blades
saw blades [parts of hand tools]
saw blades [parts of machines]
shear blades
plush toys with attached comfort blanket
bed blankets
blankets for household pets
blankets, electric, for medical purposes
blankets, electric, not for medical purposes
fire blankets
horse blankets
picnic blankets
printers' blankets of textile
printers' blankets, not of textile
survival blankets
cement for blast furnaces
laundry bleach
bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic purposes
bleaching preparations [decolorants] for household purposes
bleaching preparations [decolorants] for industrial purposes
bleaching salts
bleaching soda
dental bleaching gels
fat-bleaching chemicals
laundry bleaching preparations
leather bleaching preparations
oil-bleaching chemicals
wax-bleaching chemicals
blenders, electric, for household purposes
blenders, non-electric, for household purposes
chemical preparations for treating wheat blight
chemical preparations to prevent wheat blight
blinders [harness]
  indoor window blinds [furniture]
indoor window blinds of paper
indoor window blinds of textile
indoor window blinds of woven wood
ladder tapes for venetian blinds
ladder tapes or webbing for venetian blinds
outdoor blinds of metal
outdoor blinds of textile
outdoor blinds, not of metal and not of textile
pulleys of plastics for blinds
roller blinds of steel
slatted indoor blinds
sun-blinds adapted for automobiles
blinkers [harness]
plungers for clearing blocked drains
building blocks [toys]
chopping blocks [tables]
luminous paving blocks
paving blocks of metal
paving blocks, not of metal
printing blocks
starting blocks for sports
arterial blood pressure measuring apparatus
blood charcoal
blood for medical purposes
blood plasma
blood sausage
blood testing apparatus
blooms [metallurgy]
orange blossom water for culinary purposes
blouse fasteners
cutting blow pipes, gas-operated
gas-operated blow torches
soldering blow pipes, gas-operated
chimney blowers
forge blowers
blowing machines
blowing machines for the compression, exhaustion and transport of gases
blowing machines for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain
blowing machines or fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain
blue vitriol
laundry blueing
blueprint apparatus
blueprint cloth
  blueprint paper
board games
ironing board covers, shaped
wood pulp board [stationery]
wood pulp board for building
writing board erasers
mobile boarding stairs of metal for passengers
mobile boarding stairs, not of metal, for passengers
advertisement boards of paper or cardboard
bread boards
cutting boards for the kitchen
display boards
distribution boards [electricity]
diving boards of metal
diving boards, not of metal
drawing boards
electronic notice boards
emery boards
ironing boards
parquet floor boards
printed circuit boards
self-balancing boards
spring boards [sports articles]
vehicle running boards
washing boards
wooden floor boards