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Locarno Classification (LOC) - Download and IT support area

This area gives access to the master files of the Locarno Classification and other downloadable files.

Conditions of use

WIPO makes available all files needed to generate LOCPUB. However, it should be noted that the official data of the Locarno Classification consists of the Class and Subclass Headings, the Explanatory Notes, the List of Goods, the General Remarks and the Recommendations Concerning the Application of the Locarno Classification. All other data in the master files is additional information and does not form part of the Locarno Classification.

In case of inconsistency between the master files and any other files published on this site, the master files are the reference as from LOC (11). Concerning previous editions, the printed versions are the reference.

All files made available on this site can be freely downloaded, stored, copied, modified in layout or format, printed and used to create and publish derivative products.

WIPO's copyright must be acknowledged in respect of the use of data from the authentic versions of the Locarno Classification in public products and services.

WIPO assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions that may result from, nor for any loss howsoever caused in connection with using the files and documentation made available on this site.

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