IPC Green Inventory

The "IPC Green Inventory", developed by the IPC Committee of Experts, facilitates searches for patent information relating to Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs), as listed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

ESTs are currently scattered widely across the IPC in numerous technical fields. The Inventory attempts to collect them in one place.

Warning - the Inventory does not purport to be fully exhaustive in its coverage.


  • The ESTs are presented in a hierarchical structure. Click on the sign to open the hierarchy.
  • The links in the "IPC" column will take you to the corresponding place in the scheme.
  • The links in the PATENTSCOPE column let you automatically search and display all international patent applications available through PATENTSCOPE which are classified in the relevant IPC place. Note: search results may include irrelevant results not relating to the EST.
  • Each EST and its corresponding IPC place(s) do not necessarily coincide; the EST may represent a subset of the corresponding IPC place.
  • For IPC place ranges (e.g. Fuel cells H01M 4/86-4/98), the search result is limited to the first symbol of the range (e.g. H01M 4/86). To search additional symbols falling in the range, refer to the PATENTSCOPE database or the IPC scheme by using the "bridge" function ("bridge" icon).