International Patent Classification (IPC) - IT support area

Links to Public WIPO IPC systems

IPC Internet Publication Internet publication of the IPC edition currently in force (interactive)
Split files IPC split at subclass level (static view)
IEF IPC Electronic Forum for IPC revision projects (interactive)
IPCWLMS Web site for IPC reclassification
IPCCAT Automatically classify/Categorize English or French texts (e.g. from patent documents) according to the IPC (interactive).
Download & IT Support FTP Site The content of the FTP site is also available from
IPCRMS IPC Revision Management System
ListDef List of definitions having a reference to a given IPC entry. This feature is available in the IPC Internet Publication


Links to restricted access WIPO IPC systems

Access to these links is restricted by username and password.

IPCWLMS IPC reclassification service
ICWS Data Capture Surveys tool: Tool to gather and report intellectual property offices' opinion in respect of basic surveys on International classifications.