International Depositary Authority (IDA)

United Kingdom

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Country / TerritoryKind of material acceptedInternational Depositary Authority
United KingdomBacteria (non-pathogenic)
Fungi (non-pathogenic)
Yeasts (non-pathogenic)
CABI Bioscience, UK Centre (IMI)
United KingdomAlgae
Protozoa (non-parasitic)
Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP)
United KingdomAnimal cell cultures
Animal viruses
Eukaryotic DNA
Human cell cultures
European Collection of Cell Cultures (ECACC)
United KingdomBacteria (pathogenic)
National Collection of Type Cultures (NCTC)
United KingdomYeasts (non-pathogenic)
National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC)
United KingdomBacteria (pathogenic and non-pathogenic)
Fungi (non-pathogenic)
Plant cell cultures
Plasmids (in hosts and not in hosts)
Yeasts (non-pathogenic)
National Collections of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria (NCIMB)
United KingdomAnimal cell cultures
Human cell cultures
National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC)