WIPO Internet Domain Name Process

Report: Hyderabad regional consultation

On October 22, 1998, the eighth regional consultation within the framework of the WIPO Internet Domain Name Process was held in Hyderabad, India. The consultation was hosted by the Government of the State of Andhra Pradesh.

The meeting was attended on behalf of WIPO by Mr. Richard Wilder, Director, Non-Governmental Affairs, Office of Legal and Organization Affairs and Ms. Lucinda Jones, Consultant, Office of Legal and Organization Affairs. The panel of experts assisting WIPO in its work was represented by Dr. Ousmane Kane (Executive Director, African Regional Centre for Technology).

The consultation was opened by Mr. Subhash Chandra (Deputy Secretary, Department of Industrial Development, Ministry of Industry, Government of India), and opening remarks were presented from an industry perspective by Mr. Srini Raju (Executive Director, Satyam Computer Services Ltd, which also generously sponsored the participants' luncheon). The inaugural address was presented by Mr. J. Satyanarayana (Inspector General, Registration & Stamps and Ex-officio Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Government of Andhra Pradesh) and presidential remarks were made by Mr. J. A. Chowdary (Director, Software Technology Parks of India, Hyderabad). To complete the inaugural session, a vote of thanks was given by Mr. Ajay Sawhney (Additional Secretary (IT), Department of Information Technology & Special Officer, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad).

The presentations and open discussions covered the four main topics to be addressed by the WIPO Internet Domain Name Process: dispute prevention, dispute resolution, protection of famous and well-known marks, and introduction of new gTLDs. The consultation focused, largely due to the strong attendance and participation by the Indian information-technology community, on the procedures and rules for registration of domain names, and the need for effective procedures to prevent and efficiently resolve disputes that may arise in that area. Concerns included the need for internationally harmonized standards to compensate for the situation where local trademark laws were inadequate to deal with instances of cybersquatting and cyberpiracy. Suggestions were made concerning the procedures which may attend domain name registration, so as to ensure business and consumer confidence in the system; these included the desirability and feasibility of imposing a waiting-period during which applications would be made public and subject to challenge, payment up-front for registration of a domain name and possible means to verify registrants' identities and other information provided upon registration. Attention was also focused on means of dispute resolution, including the practicability of on-line and localized arbitration services, and their relationship with the registries and registrars.

A recording was made of the proceedings. The transcript will shortly be made available to the public on the WIPO website under the section "Consultations." The table below lists the attendees and participants in the consultation.



Babu, Nagendra   Avantel Communications, Ltd.
Babur, C.V.R. Officer on Special Duty Government of Andhra Pradesh
Bolli, Ramarao General Manager, Enterprise Metamor Global Solutions, Ltd.
Chand, Suresh Managing Director A.P. Technology Services, Ltd.
Chandra, Subhash Deputy Secretary Department of Industrial Development, Ministry of Industry, India
Chitturi, Jayaraju General Manager Solix
Choudary, V.N. Managing Director J.I.C. Systems, Ltd.
Chowdhary, Anjana Technical Director National Informatics Centre (HQ), New Delhi
Chowdary, J.A. Director Software Technology Park of India
De, D.P. Director (New Services) Department of Telecommunications, Government of India
Dharma Rao, C.V. General Manager A.P. Technology Services
Dondapati, Sambasiva Rao DCS Civil Supplies, Government
Duggal, Kusum Educationist, Headmistress Delhi Public School
Duggal, Pavan Cyberlaw Consultant The Cyberlaw Association
Harkara, Srinivasa Rao Attorney  
Harsha, V. Systems Administrator A.P. Technology Services, Ltd.
IVS, Rao Corporate & Legal Consultant  
Jarvgumille, Rama Krishna Executive Director A.P.I.I.C.
Jaya Raju, C. General Manager and Head Internet Technologies Division
Josyula, Niranjan Kumar Marketing of Internet Services InfoTech Enterprises, Ltd
Kalika, Prashanth Senior Network Administrator Metammor Global Solutions, Ltd.
Koduru, Venku Reddy Senior Applications Engineer R.A.M. Informatics, Ltd.
Kondapalli, Laxmi Narasimha Rao Civil Judge High Court of Andhra Pradesh
Kopporapu, Prof. Subbarangoioh Director Veda Institute of Information Technology
Krishna, Srivatsa Executive Director A.P.Technology Services, Ltd.
Kumar, Asok Project Director, Cord & D.S. (IT) Government of Andhra Pradesh
Kumar, Praueen Network Engineer A.P. Technology Services, Ltd.
Kumar, Sharath Senior Systems Engineer Ram Informatics, Ltd.
Laxminarasimha Rao, Kondapalli Senior Civil Judge, Rangaready District Andhra Pradesh State Judiciary
Mahapatra, Soumya R General Manager Concor
Mhatre, Babu Project Manager C.M.C., Ltd.
Moghe, Anand General Manager (Product Development) Qualcore Logic, Pty Ltd.
Murthy, P.S. Manager (Information Projects) A.P. Technology Services
Murthy, A. Sreenivasa Advocate Tricons
Nagabhydraua, Nagendra B. Director Avantel Communications, Ltd.
Nangpal, Rama Technical Director National Informatics Centre (HQ), New Delhi
Padimiti, Gouri Sankar Manager A.P. Technology Services, Ltd.
Piramanayagam, M. Senior Specialist, Networks Satyam Infoway, Ltd.
Prashant, K.K. Senior Network Administrator Metamor Global Services, Ltd.
Rajagopal General Manager Credence Technology Private, Ltd.
Raju, S.V. Srihari Principal Systems Analyst National Informatics Centre, Hyderabad
Raju, Srini Executive Director Satyam Computer Services, Ltd.
Raju, P. Surya Narayana Systems Engineer Visual Soft (India), Ltd.
Ramachandran, S. Technical Director National Informatics Centre (HQ), New Delhi
Rama Rao, B.V. General Manager, Network Metamor Global Services, Ltd.
Rao, I.V.S. Corporate Legal Consultant  
Rao, D. Sambasiva Director Department of Civil Supplies, Government of Andhra Pradesh
Rao, Srinivaga Assistant Director National Productivity Council
Rangarajan, Justice T.N.C Judge (retired) High Court of Andhra Pradesh
Ravi, V. Deputy Registrar of Trade Marks Trade Marks Registry, Government of India, Bombay
Reddy, Brahma B. Technical Director N.I.C.
Reddy, H. Madhav Technical Director National Informatics Centre (HQ), New Delhi
Reddy, Mallikarjun   Infotech Enterprises
Reddy, Naresh Senior Project Manager C.M.C. Ltd
Reddy, Venku   R.A.M. Informatics, Ltd.
Saikumar, Prof. M.L. Professsor, Head of Computer Science Department Institute of Public Enterprise, Osmania University, Hyderabad
Sadagopan, Rajagopal General Manager Credence Technology, Pty Ltd.
Sankar, Gouri Manager, Info. Projects A.P. Technology Services Ltd.
Sarathy, Gautam Manager Sarathys
Satyanarayana, J. Inspector General Registration & Stamps Government of Andhra Pradesh
Sawhney, Ajay Additional Secretary (IT) and Special Officer IIIT Government of Andhra Pradesh
Shankana, Rama Chandra Technical Director N.I.C., Hyderabad
Sharma, Arvind Managing Director Intelligroup Asia Pty. Ltd.
Srinivas, Vangala Technical Member S.T.P.I, Hyderabad
Srittarsha, Vinnakota Systems Administrator A.P. Technology Services
Suresh, Chanda Managing Director A.P.Technology Services
Tiwari, Rajeshwar Joint Secretary Governent of Andhra Pradesh
Vyasamurthy, Dr. P. Manager, Knowledge Services Satyam Computer Services, Ltd.