Curriculum Vitae

Anne Leer Curriculum Vitae – Ms. Anne Leer

Ms. Anne Leer, is currently Senior Advisor for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and an author and editor with Financial Times Prentice Hall. She is an international expert on New Media markets and the digital economy. Her academic background is multidisciplinary (BSc/MA/MBA). She has worked in publishing, television and the communication industry for 18 years and now acts as a high level adviser to governments and the OECD on media and communication industries. She has particular expertise in strategic issues to do with globalisation, strategic partnerships and global alliances, intellectual property rights, multiple media publishing, digital broadcasting, wireless communications, Internet and electronic commerce.

Anne Leer has extensive international experience growing business in fast changing media markets in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US. Prior to her current positions, she was the Strategic Planner for Oxford University Press, the world’s most international educational publisher with operations in 62 countries. Anne Leer is also a Board member of Worldview International and a member of the British Library’s Advisory Board. She is a frequent public speaker and also lectures at leading business schools. She contributes articles regularly to the newspaper press and trade journals, has written several reports and has published her own books. Most recently "Masters of the Wired World" and its textbook companion "Welcome to the Wired World" both published by FT Management, 1999. Her next two books to be published by FT Prentice Hall this year are: "The e-Generation" which deals with lifestyles and workstyles in a networked society; and "Lifelong learning in a knowledge economy" which looks at the transformation of our education systems, the emergence of a global education market and mechanisms for developing skills and competence for tomorrow’s workforce.