Biennial IFCAI Conference

October 24, 1997, Geneva, Switzerland


The Perspecitve of Users
Mr. Ulf Franke (Chairman)
Secretary General, The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
(Stockholm, Sweden)

We have heard presentations on arbitration rules and frequent references to users, so it is important that we allow sufficient time to listen to these users who are attending here today. Upon reflection, we might have started the other way around, first listening to the users and then discussing whether the recent adopted rules really meet their needs. It is they, of course, who will ultimately decide whether new institutional rules will be successful.

But be that as it may, I think the next 60 minutes or so will be highly interesting for all of us, but particularly of course for those representing or attached to arbitral institutions. We will learn what the users of arbitration want from us, what are they looking for, what aspects are most important when selecting an institution. I have two outstanding experts with me who are frequent users of arbitration, or who at least frequently draft arbitration clauses, and they will introduce the session: Mr. James Carter of Sullivan and Cromwell, New York, and Dr. René van Rooij of Shell International Ltd, London. We shall have other interesting topics in the afternoon and we are also eager to listen to your views on what is needed in international arbitration, so I now hand over to these two users.


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