WIPO Online Case Administration Tools

The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center aims to offer time and cost efficient mediation, arbitration and expert determination proceedings. To assist this purpose, the WIPO Center makes available at no cost to interested parties online case administration options, including an online docket and online tools for meetings and hearings.


Parties to a procedure under the WIPO Mediation, Arbitration, Expedited Arbitration or Expert Determination Rules may opt to use WIPO eADR. WIPO eADR allows parties, mediators, arbitrators and experts in a WIPO case to securely submit communications electronically into an online docket.

First introduced in 2005, and regularly upgraded, parties have used WIPO eADR facilities in some 30% of WIPO Arbitration and Expedited Arbitration cases. The main features of WIPO eADR are explained here.

Online Meetings and Hearings

In certain circumstances, for example where they are based in different locations, parties, mediators and arbitrators in WIPO cases may agree to hold meetings or hearings online.

To assist in the time and cost efficient administration of procedures under its Rules, the WIPO Center makes available a number of online tools, including the WIPO Checklist for the Online Conduct of Mediation and Arbitration Proceedings.


To request further information on these online case administration tools please contact the WIPO Center by e-mail to arbiter.mail@wipo.int or by telephone at +41 22 338 8247.