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WIPO Case NumberDomain name(s)ComplainantRespondentDecision
D2022-1603makefacebookreels.comMeta Platforms, Inc. Case active
Instagram, LLC
Meta Platforms, Inc.
 Case active
D2022-1376facebookinfrastructure.comMeta Platforms, Inc. Case active
Meta Platforms, Inc. Case active
D2022-1199secureaccountfacebook.comMeta Platforms, Inc.Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 12410042356 / Clifford JohnsonTransfer
Meta Platforms, Inc. Case active
D2022-1195tanglikefacebook.netMeta Platforms, Inc. Case active
D2022-1155security-facebook.comMeta Platforms, Inc Case active
D2022-1154fastgetfacebooklikes.comMeta Platforms, Inc Case active
Meta Platforms, Inc. Case active
D2022-1050cheapfacebooklikes.comMeta Platforms, Inc. Case active
D2022-1030buyfacebookfollowers.comMeta Platforms, Inc. Case active
D2022-0989facebooklikebox.netMeta Platforms, Inc.Maxim NikonovTransfer
Instagram, LLC
Meta Platforms, Inc.
 Case active
D2022-0647facebooklogen.liveMeta Platforms, Inc. Mostafa Kamel, Big Bear StoresTransfer
D2022-0605facebook-download.comMeta Platforms, Inc.Domain Administrator, See / ConstanceJBrody , Constance BrodyTransfer
D2022-0494facebookad.topMeta Platforms, Inc.刘梓韬 (liu zi tao)Transfer
Meta Platforms, Inc.Hjuu GhhhTransfer
Meta Platforms, Inc.
WhatsApp, LLC
D2022-0295facebookverifiedaccount.comMeta Platforms, Inc.Naeem KahnTransfer
Meta Platforms, Inc.Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Zachery Tarr, Granite Consulting, LLCTransfer
D2022-0156secure-facebook.comMeta Platforms, Inc. Terminated
D2021-4239facebookpagesecurity.comMeta Platforms, Inc.Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Dornod SonguuliTransfer
D2021-4207facebookloginsecurity.comMeta Platforms, Inc.c/o Limited, Registrant of / Koltyn WallarTransfer
D2021-4165facebooksecurity.comMeta Platforms, Inc.Domain Admin, GuardPrivacy.orgTransfer
D2021-4163secure-facebook.netMeta Platforms, Inc. Terminated
D2021-4161facebooksecurity.orgMeta Platforms, Inc.Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 1249076168 / Darin CessarioTransfer
D2021-4159securitymail-facebook.comMeta Platforms, Inc.Seslhen PopaTransfer
Meta Platforms, Inc.oguz cinarTransfer
D2021-4033facebookloginsecuritykey.comMeta Platforms, Inc.Angel Rafael cuevas ZapataTransfer
D2021-3962advancedfacebookads.comMeta Platforms, Inc.Dont knowTransfer
D2021-3893facebook-security-alert.comMeta Platforms, Inc.Domain Administrator, See Frederick ArmstrongTransfer
Instagram, LLC
Meta Platforms, Inc.
Matthew Yates, Matt Yates Life Coaching Transfer
D2021-3802securityfacebook.xyzMeta Platforms, Inc.muhammad aldinoTransfer
Meta Platforms, Inc.Ibsam ShahzadTransfer
D2021-3626facebookinstagram.orgFacebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC.
Domains By Proxy, LLC. / Bazyan RafiqTransfer
D2021-3586facebooksecurecheck.comFacebook, Inc.Mehmet HarbalI Transfer
D2021-3574facebookf2.comFacebook Inc.罗小国 (luo xiao guo)Transfer
Facebook Inc.林宗兴 (Lin Zong Xing)
王谛 (Wang Di)
D2021-3465securingfacebook.comFacebook, Inc.Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 1245779249 / Sarah Evans, Devhops LtdTransfer
D2021-3464facebookmailive.comFacebook, Inc.Eduard VokhminTransfer
D2021-3339facebook-libra.netFacebook Inc.苏洪文 (su hong wen)Transfer
D2021-3335facebookverifiedbadge.comFacebook, Inc.kadir eren, software Transfer
D2021-3332facebook-secure.comFacebook, Inc Terminated
D2021-3331facebooklivesecurity.comFacebook, Inc.Contact Privacy Inc., Customer 0159737540 / kadir ata, facebooklivesecurityTransfer
D2021-3202facebookvideodownloaderonline.orgFacebook, Inc. Terminated
D2021-3177facebookonlinesupport.orgFacebook, Inc.Wasem FazyTransfer
D2021-3175facebooksecuritycheck.infoFacebook, Inc.Paulette CollierTransfer
D2021-3112facebookbank.comFacebook Inc.韩学明 (Han Xueming)Transfer
D2021-3074facebookvideodownloaderonline.netFacebook, Inc.Domain Administrator, See / hongjiang chenTransfer
D2021-3073facebookvideodownloaderonline.infoFacebook, Inc.Le Thi LanTransfer
D2021-2649securing-facebook.comFacebook, Inc.Jeremy ConwayTransfer
D2021-2594facebookaccountfb.comFacebook, wuTransfer
D2021-2572facebookfinancial.comFacebook Inc.Wu Xiao Liang (吴晓亮)Transfer
D2021-2484facebookfinancial.netFacebook Inc.朱思飞 (zhu si fei)Transfer
Facebook, Inc. Terminated
Facebook Inc.
WhatsApp, LLC
Zhu YanpengTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
Brandon GliddenTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Haythem ChihiTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Efukikata Efet
Efukikata Efet
Facebook, Inc.
WhatsApp, LLC
王子晨 (Wang Zichen)Transfer
Facebook Inc.Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Rochelle Burrell
Unknown Registrant in D2021-1810
Facebook Inc.
Instagram, LLC
Domains By Proxy, LLC
randy fierro,
D2021-1752facebookmoney.netFacebook Inc.Daniel RichterTransfer
D2021-1739financefacebook.comFacebook, Inc.Randy Forrester, Med4NowTransfer
D2021-1501facebookcoin.comFacebook, Inc.Tien NguyenTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Online Admin, DotBadger DomainsTransfer
D2021-1119instagram-facebook.comFacebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
Domains By Proxy, LLC. / Leejau WilsonTransfer
Facebook Inc.林宗兴 (Lin Zong Xing)Transfer
Facebook, Inc.Antonio Priore, TechnoNet Group Inc.
Antonio Priore, Web And Apps
D2021-0728facebookview.comFacebook, Inc. Pierre Jean
Domain Admin, Privacy Protect, LLC (
D2021-0388facebookmail.netFacebook, Inc. Terminated
D2021-0355facebookpayments.comFacebook, Inc.Perfect Privacy, LLC / Kypros KesidisTransfer
D2020-2945facebookhelpcenter.comFacebook Inc.Guven OzdemirTransfer
Facebook Inc.
Instagram, LLC
WhatsApp Inc.
Minghua Chen / Chen MinghuaTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Perfect Privacy, LLC / Judy WalkerTransfer
D2020-2306facebookbeauty.comFacebook Inc.Yumei LuoTransfer
D2020-2277facebooktravel.comFacebook Inc.joseph spitaleriTransfer
D2020-2246facebookbuy.comFacebook Inc.Super Privacy Service LTD c/o Dynadot / 兵 刘Transfer
Facebook, Inc.Brian Frantz, Ticketleap
Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0136898918, 0136898919, 0136898920 / Brian Frantz, Ticketleap
D2020-2241facebooksell.comFacebook Inc.Qusay Ajez, Mr.Transfer
D2020-2234facebook-guard.comFacebook, Inc.Adam Smith Transfer
D2020-2199facebookthreads.comFacebook, Inc.Amy LydenTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Agi Hadarits / Super Privacy Service LTD c/o Dynadot / Pending Renewal or DeletionTransfer
D2020-2066facebookdating.comFacebook, Inc Terminated
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
WhatsApp, Inc.
Jeongwoo Cheon
JInsoo Yoon
D2020-1858facebooktemplate.comFacebook, Inc.R LeeTransfer
D2020-1767facebookshare.comFacebook, Inc.赵群发(Qunfa Zhao)Transfer
D2020-1656facebookshop.storeFacebook Inc.Si Chuan Shu Zhou Shen Mu Shang Mao You Xian Gong Si (四川蜀州神木商贸有限公司)Transfer
D2020-1455facebookshopping.comFacebook Inc.Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 1245138290 / Aung OoTransfer
D2020-1347facebookwallet.netFacebook Inc.陶黎明(liming)Transfer
D2020-1346facebookwallet.comFacebook Inc.Ma Xiao KeTransfer
D2020-1275facebookcreditcard.comFacebook, Inc.Marios GregoriouTransfer
D2020-1201facebookdeals.comFacebook Inc.Nicolas KokkalisTransfer
Facebook Inc.Domain Administrator,
Redacted for privacy
Facebook, Inc.Gezahadarits, Geza TamasTransfer
D2020-1103facebookaffiliates.comFacebook, Inc.Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Nikki BaumannTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Juan AcostaTransfer
D2020-1093facebook20.netFacebook, Inc.Vitalii GerasimovTransfer
D2020-1041facebook3.comFacebook Inc.Eric Katsov, Stockring, Inc.Transfer
D2020-0885facebookcovid19.comFacebook, Inc.Super Privacy Service LTD c/o Dynadot / Xiamen Tianmu zhuangshi sheji youxian gongsi Transfer
D2020-0530facebook-libra.comFacebook, Inc.
Libra Association
Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Kevin MehrabiTransfer
Facebook Inc.Colin ChiatTransfer
Facebook Inc.Domain Admin, / Josh JohnstonTransfer
D2019-2900facebookmarketplace.comFacebook, Inc.Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Michael Steiner, EngrainTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Daniel KhrayzatTransfer
D2019-2644auth-facebook.comFacebook, Inc.Domain Admin, Privacy Protect, LLC (
Philip DiWeston
Facebook Inc.Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 1241882208
Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 1241882209
Mike Miller
Facebook, Inc.Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Elie NjemTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
Mingde WangTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
Domain Administrator, Fundacion Privacy Services LTDTransfer
D2019-2492facebookrealitylabs.comFacebook Inc.林宗兴 (Lin Zong Xing)Transfer
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
WhatsApp Inc.
Osbil Technology LtdTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Isaias Grullon SanchezTransfer
Facebook Inc.Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Darren LazarusTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
WhatsApp Inc.
Nanci Nette
Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC
D2019-2146gaming-partnerfacebook.comFacebook, Inc.Whois Agent (320418873), Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. / Facebook GamingTransfer
D2019-2125facebookxcoin.comFacebook Inc.DomainsByProxy, LLC / Muhammed ArslanTransfer
Facebook Inc.Robert BrooksTransfer
Facebook Inc.
WhatsApp Inc.
Kang Media, Suzhou Yang'an Information Technology Co., Ltd / su zhou yang an xin xi ke ji you xian gong siTransfer
D2019-2038facebookcourt.comFacebook Inc.TheLord AboveTransfer
D2019-1930facebookpay.comFacebook, Inc. Terminated
D2019-1880facebookworks.comFacebook, Inc.Pei Rong Wong
Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
Facebookfor Animal.cop
Rafael Cuellar
D2019-1777facebooksupport.emailFacebook, Inc.WhoisGuard, Inc. / Donna E. Fleming, Mansmann's Department StoreTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
WhatsApp Inc.
Alex Xu, HKITNTransfer
D2019-1611facebookstable.comFacebook Inc.Oneandone Private Registration, 1&1 Internet Inc / Phan Thanh SangTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
Facebook Technologies, LLC
Instagram, LLC
WhatsApp Inc.
Jay Neeme
Jurgen Neeme,
D2019-1535facebookbitcoin.comFacebook Inc.Jeremy WilliamsTransfer
Facebook Inc.Laura Yun, Offshore Hosting Solutions Ltd.Transfer
D2019-1252facebookfamousone.comFacebook Inc.Oneandone Private Registration 1&1 Internet Inc / Jennifer BenefieldTransfer
D2019-1121tongdaifacebookvietnam.comFacebook, Inc.Domain Admin Privacy Protect, LLC ( / Do Viet DungTransfer
Facebook Inc.Domain Administrator, / Pavel CernyTransfer
D2019-0870bitcoinfacebook.comFacebook Inc.Protection of Private Person, REG.RU Protection Service / Nikita SakhnenkoTransfer
D2019-0483facebookpartner.netFacebook, Inc.Temp name Temp Last Name, Temp Organization / Funda Yüktaşır/ŞenTransfer
D2019-0251portalfacebook.comFacebook Inc.Domain Administrator, / qian mengdanTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Domain Administrator See Babu/ Toriqul Islam / shafiqul Islam / Bright IT, Toriqul Islam / Stream365, shafiqul Islam/ Feroj Ahammed, It House
Toriqul Islam, Bright IT
WhoisGuard, Inc.
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
WhatsApp Inc.
Osbil Technology, Osbil Technology LtdTransfer
D2018-2746facebookpartner.comFacebook, Inc.S. Demir CilingirTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
WhatsApp Inc.
Julio Cesar Newton, Julio Cesar
Whois Agent, Domain Protection Services, Inc. / Migue Guerrero
Whois Agent, Domain Protection Services, Inc. / Miguel Guerrero, Marketing y Webs Guerrero SL
D2018-2521facebookaddiction.comFacebook, Inc.Prabhjot BenningTransfer
Facebook Inc.te5gfh gtfghbfhTransfer
Facebook, Inc. / Instagram, LLCRafael CuellarTransfer
D2018-2063facebookgaming.comFacebook Inc.Domain Administrator, / M. JarrarTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
Deepika Priyadarshinie, EntsL
Lasantha Wickramasinghe, EntsL
Facebook, Inc.
Oculus VR, LLC
Junyi Li, Li JunyiTransfer
Facebook, Inc., Instagram, LLC, Oculus VR, / Shi LeiTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
c w, c w
Facebook, Inc.Domain Administrator,
Hernando Sierra
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
WhatsApp Inc.
Facebook, Inc.Ramunas JonikasTransfer
Facebook, Domain Privacy / Protection Domain, Protection DomainTransfer
Facebook Inc.Morgan Pasco, RealEstate BusinessTransfer
Facebook, / Alberto MaciasTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Ricky BhatiaTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Naresh BaliTransfer
D2017-2477facebook-supportnumber.comFacebook, Inc.Prashant Chhibber / Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLCTransfer
Facebook, Inc. Terminated
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
John ObeyeTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Werner GonzalezTransfer
Facebook, Inc.Tstacy MuniruTransfer
D2017-1696pokerfacebook.comFacebook, Inc.Tom Burch, Burch Trading GroupTransfer
D2017-1491facebookengineering.comFacebook Inc.Puneet AgarwalTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
Adam Szulewski, (S) stress8 Adam SzulewskiTransfer
D2016-0950facebookwork.comFacebook, Inc.Mirza AzimTransfer
D2016-0771facebook360.comFacebook, Inc.Domain Admin, Privacy Protection Service Inc. d/b/a / Ông Trần Huỳnh Lâm Transfer
Facebook, Inc.Eufiso Srl, Eufiso
Zipp Software
Facebook, Inc.Emma BoitonTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
weiwei/Xiamen eName Network Co., LtdTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
WhatsApp, Inc.
Domain Manager, NATransfer
Facebook, Inc.Lin Allien
Facebook, Inc.on behalf of customers Transfer
Facebook Inc.Kristjan Eichler, WebExpress LLC / Arvuti LLCParisTransfer
Facebook Inc.Domain Admin / Information Privacy Protection Services Limited
Yanli Li
D2015-1766patentfacebook.comFacebook Inc.Stuart West, West & Associates, A PC / Smith Jones and AssociatesTransfer
Facebook Inc.Atef Ahmed, LifemotionsTransfer
D2015-1474facebookaudiencenetwork.comFacebook Inc.ShenchaoyongTransfer
D2015-1339facebookmessenger.comFacebook, Inc.Xiamen eName Network Co., Ltd. / Shawn, WangTransfer
D2015-1057facebookghana.comFacebook Inc.Naija HostTransfer
D2015-0890facebookoff.bizFacebook Inc.Vladimir OgrokhinTransfer
D2015-0614facebookdealers.orgFacebook Inc.Domain Admin, / MURAT CIVAN Transfer
Facebook Inc.Sleek Names, SL Names, VSAUDHATransfer
eBay Inc.
Facebook Inc.
Babin Manandhar
Santosh Ghimire, Do Surf In P. Ltd.
D2014-1070facebookstatusbar.comFacebook, Inc.Cetinje s.r.o.Transfer
Facebook, Inc.Jung Hyun Shin
Master, Inc.
Sang Hoon Lee
Seung Hee Lee
Facebook, Inc.Andre SchneiderTransfer
D2012-1008facebook.infoFacebook, Inc.Igor DolgalevTransfer
Paris Hilton Terminated
Facebook, Inc.Domain Asset HoldingsTransfer
Facebook Inc. Terminated
D2007-1539hsfacebook.comFacebook Inc. Terminated, Inc.Callverse Pty LtdTransfer
DBR2021-0009facebook.ind.brFacebook Inc.Procd eCommerce LtdaTransfer
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram LLC
Bruno Vieira Maciel OliveiraTransfer
DCC2013-0004facebook.ccFacebook, Inc.He WenmingTransfer Platforms, Inc. 王谛 (Wang Di)Transfer Platforms, Inc.林宗兴 (Lin Zong Xing)Transfer
Facebook, Inc.
Facebook Technologies, LLC
林宗兴 (Lin Zong Xing)Transfer
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
黄伟 (Huang Wei)Transfer
Facebook, Inc.何小平Transfer
DCN2020-0022facebooklibra.cnFacebook, Inc.陶黎明 (liming)Transfer
Facebook, Inc.符晓(Fu Xiao)
李安武(Li An Wu)
李保营(Li Bao Ying)
李才(Li Cai)
DCN2019-0021facebookgaming.cnFacebook, Inc.林宗兴Transfer, Inc.程飞婷Transfer
DCO2020-0050facebookmail.coFacebook, Inc.Privacy Administrator, Anonymize, Inc.Transfer
DEC2015-0001facebook.ecFacebook Inc.Mats OscarssonTransfer
DES2009-0006facebook.esFacebook, Inc.Usta CaferTransfer
DIE2007-0009facebook.ieFacebook Inc.Talkbeans Media LimitedTransfer
DIO2020-0001facebook.ioFacebook, Inc.Ronald YauTransfer
DIR2009-0001facebook.irFacebook, Inc.Majid Karimian GhannadTransfer
DLC2019-0002facebook.lcFacebook Inc.Allen WilsonTransfer Inc.Wang MingTransfer
DME2019-0011facebooklibra.meFacebook Inc.Global Domain Privacy Services Inc. / Evgeniy GavonovTransfer
DME2010-0005facebook.meFacebook, Inc.Amjad AbbasTransfer
DNL2009-0008facebook.nlFacebook, Inc.M.C. Kolart, h.o.d.n. 374C.comTransfer, Inc.Peter MalandrinosTransfer
DPE2016-0002facebook.peFacebook, Inc.Antonio TorresTransfer, Inc.Master Inc.Transfer, Inc.SonYong KimTransfer
DRO2019-0001facebook.roFacebook Inc.Arcanite Media Ltd.
Bogdan Surdu
Transfer Inc.Narinderpaul Brar / Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLCTransfer, Inc.Whois privacy protection service Internet Invest, Ltd. dba / Denix Khakimov Transfer
Facebook, Inc.
Instagram, LLC
Frank Lopez, Domains AuctiomTransfer
DVG2017-0001facebook.vgFacebook, Inc.Isim Tescil Anic, Wee Capital Ltd. / Koray AnicTransfer