Schedule of Fees

Schedule of Fees under the RegistryPro IP Defensive Registration Challenge Policy for .pro
(valid as of June 1st, 2003)

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The following schedule of fees applies in connection with any Challenge proceeding initiated and that is to be administered by the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (the "Center") under the RegistryPro IP Defensive Registration Challenge Policy for .pro (the "Policy") and the RegistryPro Rules for IP Defensive Registration Challenge Policy for .pro (the "Rules"):

Challenger's Fee: USD 500

General Information

1. One Challenge can relate to one IP Defensive Registration only (Paragraph 3(d) of the Rules).

2. All payments to be made in connection with IP Defensive Registration disputes can only be effected online by credit card. The Center is under no obligation to consider payment effected by any other means. The connection is via a secure server at WIPO, using the secure socket layer protocol (SSL). This means that all the information submitted (both personal details and credit card details, if applicable) is encrypted as it is transmitted over the Internet.

3. If the Challenge proceeding is terminated without a decision by the Center, any fees paid by the Challenger are deemed forfeited (Paragraph 12(d) of the Rules).

4. For purposes of payment of the Challenger's fee, the Challenger must specify, on the Challenge form, the credit card (American Express,Visa, MasterCard), together with the name of the card holder as it appears on the card, the card number and the card expiry date (Paragraph 3(c)(xi) of the Rules).

5. If the Center is not satisfied that the Challenger's fee has been paid within 15 days of the filing of the Challenge, the Challenge will be dismissed (Paragraph 13 of the Rules).