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Dispute Resolution Policy

Variation of UDRP

Paragraph 7 of the Terms and Conditions of registration (the “.SE Policy”)

Relevant differences between the UDRP and the .SE Policy

Whereas the UDRP is limited to the protection of trademark rights, under the .SE Policy a petitioner must claim that a disputed domain name is identical or similar to (Paragraph 7.2 of the .SE Policy):

  • - a trade symbol (trademark or service mark);
  • - a trade name or secondary name;
  • - a surname;
  • - an artist’s name (if the name is not associated with someone who deceased a long time ago);
  • - a title of another party’s copyrighted literary or artistic work;
  • - a name that is protected by the Regulation concerning Certain Official Designations (2019:167); or
  • - the name of a government authority that is listed in the registry that Statistics Sweden must maintain under the Swedish Code of Statutes SFS 2007:755 (Government Agencies Register Ordinance), or its generally accepted abbreviation,

which is legally recognized in Sweden and to which the party requesting dispute resolution can prove its rights

It is sufficient for the petitioner to prove that either registration or use of the domain name is in bad faith, whereas the UDRP requires the complainant to prove both

When filing a .SE petition, the petitioner may opt for an accelerated proceeding, which will take place if the domain holder fails to respond to the petition

Parties’ pleadings may be submitted in either Swedish or English;  the decision will be rendered in the language used in the petition

The Registry will implement a panel decision to transfer or cancel a domain name after 14 days (as opposed to 10 business days under the UDRP), unless the Registry is informed by the domain holder that he or she has initiated action claiming greater rights to the domain name

Procedural Rules

Variation of UDRP

Instructions governing Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings for domain names in the top-level domain .SE

Instructions of bad faith and right or justified interest definitions

WIPO Model Pleadings and Filing Guidelines

WIPO Model Petition

Filing guidelines for the Petition PDF, Filing guidelines for the Petition

WIPO Model Response

Filing guidelines for the Response PDF, Filing guidelines for the Response


Schedule of Fees

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Registration Agreement

Terms and Conditions of registration

Eligibility Criteria

Any natural person or legal entity with a personal identification number or corporate identity number, or that can be identified via a registration designation in a register maintained by a governmental authority, or by an organization exercising state authority, may apply for registration of a .SE domain name

Supported characters

“A Domain Name under the top-level domain .se may only be comprised of the characters and letters listed in the .se character table published on https://internetstiftelsen.se/en/how-to-register-a-domain-name/terms-and-conditions-for-se-and-nu-domains/ and must otherwise comply with the restrictions for placement and combination that is provided.”

  • - may contain between one and 63 characters;
  • - may contain letters, numbers, and dashes;
  • - may contain the characters å, ä, ö, é, and ü;
  • - may contain any of the characters of the official Swedish minority languages, or of the Nordic languages



Decisions (for cases filed prior to June 26, 2017)

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