WIPO Domain Name Dispute Resolution Service for .CR

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Country / Territory Name

Costa Rica

Whois Search

Whois Search

Dispute Resolution Policy

Variation of UDRP

Política de Solución de Controversias en Materia de Nombres de Dominio para .CR

Relevant differences between the UDRP and the .CR Policy

It is sufficient for the complainant to prove that either registration or use of the domain name is in bad faith, whereas the UDRP requires the complainant to prove both

Courts of Costa Rica


Procedural Rules

Variation of UDRP

Reglamento de la Política de Solución de Controversias en Materia de Nombres de Dominio para .CR

Reglamento Adicional de la OMPI relativo a la Política uniforme de solución de controversias en materia de nombres de dominio

WIPO Model Pleadings

WIPO Model Complaint

WIPO Model Response


Schedule of Fees

WIPO Experts

WIPO Experts

Domain Registry



Registration Agreement

Text of Agreement

Eligibility Criteria

Registration of .CR domain names is unrestricted. Some restrictions apply to third level domains

Supported characters

.CR domain names support ASCII characters

  • - may have from up to 63 characters;
  • - may include letters, numbers, and dashes;
  • - may not include dashes as the first or last characters of the domain name or two consecutive dashes



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