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Dispute Resolution Policy

Variation of UDRP

.AU Dispute Resolution Policy (auDRP)

Relevant differences between the UDRP and the auDRP

The auDRP applies to domain names that are identical or confusingly similar, not only to a trademark or service mark, but to any “name” in which the complainant has rights (auDRP paragraph 4(a)), including the complainant’s company, business or other legal or trading name, as registered with the relevant Australian government authority;  or the complainant’s personal name

It is sufficient for the complainant to prove that either registration or use of the domain name is in bad faith, whereas the UDRP requires the complainant to prove both

Under the auDRP it is sufficient to show the prevention of the trademark or service mark owner from reflecting the mark in a corresponding domain name, while the UDRP, paragraph 4(b)(ii), also requires to demonstrate a pattern of conduct

Cancellation or transfer of the disputed domain name. Transfers are only possible if the registrar determines that the complainant meets the eligibility and allocation rules for .AU

When filing the complaint, the complainant must send a copy of the complaint, together with the cover sheet, to the respondent

Procedural Rules

Variation of UDRP

Rules for .AU Dispute Resolution Policy (Schedule B of auDRP)

WIPO Supplemental Rules for auDRP

WIPO Model Pleadings

WIPO Model Complaint

WIPO Model Response


Schedule of Fees

WIPO Panelists

WIPO Domain Name Panelists

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Registration Agreement

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Text of Agreement for “edu.au”

Eligibility Criteria

.AU domain names are restricted to Australian registrants. Additional criteria apply under the eligibility and allocation rules for each second level domain

Supported Characters

.AU domain names support ASCII characters

  • - be at least two characters long;
  • - contain only letters, numbers and dashes, or a combination of these;
  • - start and end with a number or a letter, not a dash;
  • - not contain dashes in the third and fourth position



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