[cctlds-comments] WIPO ccTLD Best Practices

  To: cctlds.mail@wipo.int
  Subject: [cctlds-comments] WIPO ccTLD Best Practices
  From: Christian Thiel < webmaster@messerwerfen.de>
  Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 21:03:51 +0100


Name: Christian Thiel
I think that the aspect that "(b) Decisions based on all facts and 
circumstances" (from BestPractices) is quite important.
In some local jurisdications laws exist that give other people than 
trademark-owners a better right to a internet-domain (b.e. artists).
It is therefore important that the process is not focused on 
trademark-issues/documents, but remains open to any input.Sincerely
Christian Thiel


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