Recommended WIPO Contract Clauses and Submission Agreements

Referral to WIPO dispute resolution procedures is consensual. To facilitate party agreement, the WIPO Center provides recommended contract clauses (for the submission of future disputes under a particular contract) and submission agreements (for existing disputes, including those referred by courts).

Recommended WIPO Contract Clauses and Submission Agreements:

The recommended WIPO contract clauses and submission agreements are also available in ArabicChineseFrench, German, Greek, ItalianJapanese, Korean, PolishPortuguese, Russian and Spanish.

To assist parties in the drafting of clauses and submission agreements, the WIPO Center makes available the WIPO Clause Generator.

WIPO ADR Options

If you need further assistance when drafting your clause, you can contact us by email at (and send us your draft clause) or by phone at +41 22 338 8247.