Type of FeeAmount of Fee

Administration Fee

USD 250

Mediator Fees

Unless the parties agree otherwise, a rate of USD 300 per hour as agreed by the Center in consultation with the parties and the mediator, capped at a maximum of USD 10,000.

  1. Prior to the appointment of the mediator the Center shall fix the mediator’s hourly fee rate in accordance with the applicable Schedule of Fees, the parties and the mediator, taking into consideration in particular the amounts in dispute.
  2. In exceptional circumstances, based on such factors as the amounts in dispute, the number of parties, the complexity of the dispute and the status and any special qualifications required of the mediator, and subject to the parties’ agreement, the Center may propose to the parties a rate and a maximum cap for the mediator’s fees different from those mentioned in the applicable Schedule of Fees.
  3. In exceptional circumstances, the Center may arrange special further reduced fees based upon a justified request from a party.
  4. A mediator shall be required to maintain a detailed and accurate record of the work done and the time spent on the mediation. Following the termination of the mediation, a copy of such records shall be provided to the parties, the ICOM Secretariat and the Center, together with the mediator's invoice.
  5. For the purposes of calculating the fees, the amount of claims expressed in currencies other than United States dollars shall be converted to amounts expressed in United States dollars on the basis of the official United Nations exchange rate prevailing on the date of submission of the Request for Mediation.

Payment details information

1. Payments to the WIPO Center shall be made by any of the following means only:

i) Bank transfer:

Payments in US$: WIPO Account IBAN CH68 0483 5063 0397 8200 0, Credit Suisse, CH-1211 Geneva 70, Switzerland, Swift Code: CRESCHZZ80A

(When making the transfer, please indicate the purpose of the payment, including the case reference if available, and in cases subject to the WIPO Rules the names of the parties to the proceeding.)

ii) Check:

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Arbitration and Mediation Center
34, chemin des Colombettes
1211 Geneva 20

(When mailing the check, please mention the paying party and the case reference.)

iii) Deduction from WIPO current account.

2. Payments in cash will not be accepted.

3. All bank charges, transfer fees or other amounts that may be levied in connection with a payment made to the Center shall be the responsibility of the party making the payment.