WIPO-KIMC Collaboration: Mediation for International Disputes in the Republic of Korea

A collaboration between the Korea International Mediation Centre (KIMC) has been established in February 2021 for the promotion of mediation for international disputes in the areas of intellectual property (IP) and technology. Under the collaboration, the WIPO Center and the KIMC jointly administer mediation cases in these areas involving at least a non-Korean party under the WIPO Mediation Rules.

WIPO-KIMC Panel of Mediators

The WIPO Center and the KIMC have developed an indicative WIPO-KIMC Panel of Mediators, skilled in IP and technology. The parties may agree on the appointment of a mediator, or they may request assistance from the WIPO Center and the KIMC to identify other suitable mediator candidates (Korean or of other nationalities) that satisfy the parties’ requirements.

How to submit a dispute to WIPO-KIMC Mediation?

Referral to WIPO-KIMC Mediation is consensual. To facilitate parties’ agreements, the WIPO Center and the KIMC provide contract clauses and submission agreements for existing disputes (including those pending before the courts).

Parties are free to adapt WIPO-KIMC model clauses and submission agreements in line with their needs in the dispute that is to be submitted to WIPO-KIMC Mediation. The WIPO Center and the KIMC are available to assist parties in such exercise to offer guidance on procedural options that may foster time and cost-efficiency.

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