Professional Development Program – General Information

Program Format

  1. Collaboration among partner institutions

Partner institutions having intellectual property (IP) knowledge and skills to share in a defined field of expertise are invited to cooperate or contribute to a training course offered under the Professional Development Program (PDP).

  1. Pool of experts

The PDP has set up a pool of experts composed of specialists in specific IP area(s) from partner institutions, in accordance with the themes covered across the courses. Each partner institution designates its experts. Those experts serve as tutors of projects or assignments and speakers to in-person training or courses offered online.

  1. Projects and assignments

Selected participants for a PDP course will be requested to identify projects related to the theme of the course, which their respective institutions should endorse. Each participant must be prepared to conduct research on the selected theme of the project under the guidance of an assigned tutor selected within the pool of experts. Some courses will be project-based courses and others will be assignment-based.

  1. Blended format

The PDP courses include both distance learning (DL) and in-person learning. The content of the DL courses is an integral part of the PDP curriculum.


Details for Participants

  1. Prerequisites

Candidates for the training courses offered under the PDP should have completed or be prepared to complete the DL course(s) as designated in the description of each training course. Candidates are required to have a working knowledge of the language in which the training course will be conducted.

  1. Application procedure

Candidates for the training courses offered under the PDP are required to register online via the WIPO eLearning Center. Only applications submitted online will be considered. It is recommended that candidates register for not more than two courses per year. For government officials, registration must be endorsed by the Director General of the office or a senior official of the relevant ministry before it may be considered. It is also necessary to attach the relevant required documents in the online application. For any assistance, please send an e-mail to Recommendation letters from the national authorities must be attached to online applications on the WIPO eLearning Center (not to be e-mailed to the PDP mailbox mentioned above).

  1. Selection of candidates

The selection of candidates is carried out by WIPO according to the eligibility criteria, taking into consideration the limited capacity for each training course. Selected candidates are notified through a formal invitation letter. If necessary, they may be notified by e-mail first. Only selected candidates are notified. Information on travel and other administrative arrangements will be provided directly to the selected candidates. Candidates who have participated in the last three years in one of the professional development training courses will not be eligible for selection.

  1. Medical insurance

With regard to courses taking place in-person, participants in courses of two weeks or longer are covered by medical insurance taken out by WIPO for the training period. Details of the medical insurance scheme are sent to the selected candidates.

  1. Medical examination

With regard to courses taking place in-person, candidates selected for a training course lasting two weeks or more are required to undergo a medical examination confirming that they are in good health. A selected candidate who is not fit to travel shall inform WIPO upon receipt of the invitation letter.

  1. Visa requirements

With regard to courses taking place in-person, selected candidates are requested to obtain the visa of the country in which the training course is held. WIPO will not authorize the selected candidates to participate in the course unless they have obtained all of the required entry visas in advance. Each selected candidate is responsible for obtaining the required visa(s), including transit visas if necessary. The visa costs are borne by the candidate.

  1. Travel and accommodation

For in-person courses, travel, subsistence expenses and accommodation (where applicable) are borne by WIPO or by the governments or cooperating institutions. Participants will receive a daily subsistence allowance adequate to cover the cost of meals and accommodation, and terminal expenses to cover transportation from and to the airport. If a course is originally planned for an in-person training and later changed to an online course, no payment will be made to the invited participants.

  1. Evaluation questionnaires

Selected candidates are required to fill out a pre-training evaluation questionnaire, which is prepared by WIPO for each course. The responses to the questionnaire, which are shared with the speakers, enable the Academy and the speakers to know the participants’ expectations beforehand and, if necessary, to adjust the program accordingly. At the end of each course, participants are required to complete an evaluation questionnaire prepared by WIPO or by the partner institution. The answers to the questionnaire are treated in strict confidence. They serve as a basis to assess the various courses and to improve them in future. There will also be follow-up evaluation surveys (e.g. nine to twelve months after the course), providing feedback to WIPO on the way in which the participants are applying the skills and knowledge acquired during the courses. This helps to determine the impact of the courses offered to Member States.

  1. Attendance

Regular attendance is mandatory throughout the training period for both in-person and online courses. WIPO reserves the right to terminate one’s participation if this requirement is not met.

  1. Accompanying persons

For in-person training, participants are requested not to bring any accompanying persons to the courses. WIPO will not take any responsibility or incur administrative costs or take any action (e.g. make travel arrangements, provide a subsistence allowance, arrange entry visas or insurance, etc.) for such persons. Arrangements made for the participants by WIPO and/or the host institutions are solely for the benefit of the participants.

  1. Certificate

A career development-based certificate will be awarded to participants at the end of the training program in which they have enrolled and participated.

  1. How to contact us

The administration of the PDP may be contacted for any inquiry by e-mail at  Applicants are advised to apply and attach all of the required documents online on the WIPO eLearning Center. CVs or recommendation letters attached to an e-mail will not be accepted.