About the WIPO Brazil Office

Our office is located in Rio de Janeiro and staffed by professionals dedicated to providing high quality information, assistance, and services to stakeholders in Brazil.

We aim to improve understanding of intellectual property (IP) for public policies and business strategies while at the same time supporting the structuring of modernized and service-oriented IP administrations and institutions. We also work to enhance IP competencies of business professionals, creators, innovators, policy makers, and knowledge holders.

Mr. José Graça Aranha, WIPO Brazil Office, Regional Director (Photo: WIPO/Berrod)


Our activities include:

  • Strengthening the provision of and/or knowledge about WIPO services and treaties;
  • Promoting and participating in awareness raising initiatives on the use of the IP system;
  • Providing round-the-clock help and advice on IP-related matters in Brazil, through the WIPO Customer Service Center;
  • Working with other international organizations (UNDP) on a project to improve IP knowledge among technology brokers.

Funds-in-trust projects

We also implement two main projects with support and funds-in-trust from the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI):

  • Technical cooperation Project: dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the IP system in Brazil and to the adoption of the most modern technical and administrative procedures by Brazilian institutions.
  • Partnership program to promote South-South Cooperation: focused on expanding and improving developing countries’ ability to extract value from IP assets.

History of our office

The Government of Brazil and WIPO signed in 2009 an agreement establishing our office.

Since 2009 our office has organized numerous activities for the promotion of IP. It has also worked to obtain extra budgetary resources and it currently administers two Funds-in-Trust agreements signed with the Government of Brazil for activities on technical cooperation and on South-South cooperation.

Every year the Government and WIPO agree on a new joint program of activities to assist Brazil and member states through the south south agreement.